On France 3, the magazine Apocalypse takes an interest in Hitler

Daniel Costelle and Isabelle Clarke sign new documentaries dedicated to the 1940s and broadcast this Monday evening.

France Télévisions wanted to commemorate the 1940s from 2020. These years represent Hitler’s stranglehold on Europe, with the Battle of France, the Battle of the Atlantic but also Hitler’s rush on Russia. So, in line with previous issues of the saga Apocalypse, documentary series broadcast in more than 200 countries, Daniel Costelle and Isabelle Clarke set about recounting the year 1940, with Hitler attack in the West 1940, broadcast this Monday at 9:05 p.m., and the year 1941, with Hitler attack in the East 1941-1943, aired Monday, October 18.

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Each documentary is the subject of two parts and, as always, the directors have gone to great lengths. Thanks in particular to still interesting archive images, of great historical and educational value, but also because many of them are unpublished.

Two years of work

After Apocalypse Hitler in 2011, we wanted to continue to explore the personality of the German Chancellor and understand how he dragged the world into a vast war ”, explains Daniel Costelle. Each episode required no less than two years of work, sixty people to excavate in dozens of countries more than 400 hours of archives and 1,400 photos. The images of the port of Dunkirk and the evacuation of the soldiers to England under fire from enemy planes are impressive. Films also invite us aboard German bombers heading towards ships to strafe them. Others, those of the photographer Fernand Bignon, who will film from 1939 to 1945, show the exodus. Do not miss.

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