Nintendo Switch Online: the N64 games of the additional pack will be available in 60Hz – News

It is a use that has disappeared today, there was a time when we paid attention to the refresh rate of games, whether the image was displayed in 50Hz (the standard in Europe) or in 60Hz, corresponding to Japanese and American versions. A difference in refresh rate which makes the game “faster”, and which explains the fact that the speedrunners often prefer these editions to optimize their score. Looking at the trailer images for this Nintendo 64 and Mega Drive add-on pack, some players recognized the European 50Hz versions, creating some concern about emulated versions to come in the future Switch subscription offer.

It is with a small tweet that Nintendo wanted to dispel the misunderstandings. All the titles from the Nintendo 64 catalog will be offered in their 60Hz version, therefore in the American language. Some of them will also offer the European option in 50Hz, without the publisher specifying which ones – or what happens to the Mega Drive games. This offer, which will be added in addition to the Switch Online subscription, is scheduled to be available at the end of October. Nintendo has also not indicated what the price will be.

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