New Chevrolet Corvette: it arrives in France

Chevrolet never really disappeared from Europe. Despite the withdrawal pronounced many years ago, the bow-tie brand maintains a discreet presence on the Old Continent alongside Cadillac, in particular to sell Corvettes and Camaros. Precisely, the new Corvette C8 arrives on order in France, and not via an importer who would take a nice margin in passing, but in a very official way, with a “manufacturer” approval.

The range is known today with two trim levels: LT2 and LT3. The second is ultimately almost anecdotal since it does not add much to the LT2. The latter has a list of equipment as long as the arm, very different from the access finishes offered to Americans. Chevrolet wanted to keep it simple with an already well-equipped car.

At this price point, the Corvette once again has no competition. It is almost half the price of an Audi R8 V10, admittedly much more powerful, but it is indeed the only rear mid-engine offer so accessible, pending the Lotus Emira, which should start at more than 100,000 €.

Chevrolet Corvette C8 Price

  • Corvette 2LT: 88,620 €
  • Corvette 3LT: € 92,300
  • Corvette Cabriolet 2LT: 95 170 €
  • Corvette Convertible 3LT: € 98,860

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