More beautiful life (spoilers): believing Jacob dead, Kevin confesses the whole truth to Camille

On October 12 in Plus belle la vie (France 3, 8:20 p.m.), Emma finds Baptiste, Sacha decides to investigate Malet and Kevin confesses the whole truth to Camille …

In the episode of More beautiful life Tuesday, October 12, 2021, Barbara (Léa François) finds Emma (Pauline Bression) at the hospital and asks her for news of Baptiste (Bryan Trésor). Emma explains to him that this one was found very badly in point and that an hour or so, he could not have come out alive. She also announces to him that Baptiste could have irreversible consequences. At the same time, Gabriel (Joakim Latzko) comes to tell Emma that Baptiste is out of the woods. Emma rushes to his bedside, leaving Barbara alone in the hallway. Very weak, Baptiste confides in her that he has not stopped thinking about her and Mathis during his captivity. He tells her that he loves her, to which Emma replies that she loves him too. Left alone in the hallway, Barbara finds the time long and, sad, decides to leave the hospital.

At Scotto High School, Betty (Horya Benabet) drops a bag of cannabis in front of Nathan (Thibaud Vaneck). Although caught in the act, she asserts that the drug does not belong to her and Kilian (Tim Rousseau) decides to denounce himself. The young man is taken to the principal, who announces to him that he risks a final exclusion and legal proceedings. Nathan indicates that Kilian tries to cover for Betty and Rochat (Charles Schneider), touched by this little love affair between teenagers, decides to be lenient. Kilian will therefore only have to do community service. Later, Betty finds Kilian clearing the tags from the high school lockers. At the same time, Noé (Florian lesieur) finds Lola, who has set up a tent near the tree they saved. The two teenagers kiss and give in to temptation.

Jacob arrives at César’s, Kévin confesses the truth to Camille …

For her part, Luna (Anne Décis) is convinced that it is Malet who tried to kill them, her and Sacha. Indeed, Sacha heard the car accelerate and not brake, which proves that it was indeed an attempted murder. In order to prove that Malet is an assassin, Sacha decides to set a trap for him by serving as bait. Worried, Luna prevents Sacha from carrying out his plan and locks him in his room. Luna left to work, Sacha makes Mirta (Sylvie Flepp) believe that he locked himself in his room by mistake. The manager of the hotel opens the door for him, and Sacha leaves the premises. Hearing what Mirta has done, Luna gets angry. She fears that something serious has happened to Sacha, especially since he does not answer the phone. At the same time, Sacha walks alone in the Mistral and begins to panic. So he goes back to the Select, where he tells Luna that he felt like someone wanted to push him under a car. The two characters decide to wait for Malet in front of his house. When the latter arrives, Sacha recognizes his approach since an iron is missing from one of his shoes. He understands that he has indeed witnessed something and decides to investigate Malet.

At the police station, the prosecutor gives a press conference and announces that the false Jacob has been identified as a certain Pascal Henry. Claude listens to the conference from home, and announces to Caesar (Grant Lawrens) that Jacob has been killed by the police. At the same time, the doorbell rings. Caesar is upset to find himself face to face with Jacob, who invited his uncle to a reenactment of a Napoleonic battle. Discreetly, Jacob slips to Caesar that his uncle is not at risk for the moment.

For her part, Camille (Lisa Cipriani) visits Kevin (Théo Bertrand) and asks him if she can sleep at his place. With a heavy heart, Kevin confesses the truth to her about their rapprochement. He explains to her that he seduced her under pressure to get closer to Jacob but not feel anything for her. Very angry, Camille tells him that he would never have dared to tell her that if Jacob was still alive …

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