Marie-Anne Chazel reveals why the Splendid troupe did not pay tribute to Anemone at the Caesars (VIDEO)

Guest of The moment of luxury, this Monday, October 11, 2021, Marie-Anne Chazel returned to the Honorary Cesar awarded to the Splendid troupe during the last ceremony and reveals why the memory of Anemone was not mentioned.

Viewers were greatly surprised, even shocked! This Monday, October 11, 2021, Marie-Anne Chazel was the guest of the show Instant De Luxe, available on Star TV. The opportunity for the actress to return to the pretty honorary award given to the troupe of Splendid during the last Cesar ceremony last March. The interpreter of Gigi in the very popular saga of Tanned, which qualifies that the atmosphere of the evening of rather “space“because of the political scale it had, also reveals why none of the seven actors present on stage had evoked the memory of Anemone …

People only say bullshit

At the microphone of Jordan De Luxe, Marie-Anne Chazel gives a very rational response to this lack of homage to the actress who died in April 2019. “Anemone was not part of the Splendid. If you like, the Splendid is a very specific group of seven people. Anemone, we had offered to play with us for Santa Clause is garbage. She came and she made this magnificent creation of Thérèse, where she was remarkable. But Anemone never wrote The Bronzed, Father Christmas, and all the coffee-theater plays that we had performed before. There was a misunderstanding, no doubt, at this level“, explained the actress adding:”We always tell so many things. People only say bullshit because they don’t know the details at all. But when you take the Splendid, there was Thierry, Gérard, Christian, Michel, Josiane, Bruno and me, and that’s it.

There is no rejection

Marie-Anne Chazel, who wishes to reassure the fact that “There was no settling of scores. But you know, there are always some heartache and bad-intentioned people who only want to see the bad side of things. But this is the reality“, full of praise for the remarkable performance of Anemone. She said she was delighted to have worked with her, ensuring that”was not thinking at all. There is no rejection!“, specified the actress who then confided more at length on the character of Anemone and to evoke the distance that the interpreter of Thérèse had taken with the other actors, at the end of his life.

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