LoL: Messi and Neymar found their favorite team at Worlds 2021


LoL: Messi and Neymar found their favorite team at Worlds 2021



It is still impossible to predict who will win the Worlds 2021. While many fans remain to be convinced, the teams take turns trying to flex by displaying prestigious supporters. Among them, one managed to receive the support of Messi and Neymar, the stars of the football.

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It is not yet known whether the PSG Talon is going to achieve something big at the 2021 Worlds of League of Legends, but in any case the champions of the PCS gather masterclass on masterclass at the level of the communication. After adding the Vietnam crest on his jersey and capturing the support of the Vietnamese community, deprived of a representative, PSG received weighty support … Neymar and Messi, two of the biggest stars of the football world have indeed left a little message to the team. We are not going to lie to each other, the message does not break 3 legs to a duck and they could have done better (especially the Argentinian). But this little attention is still nice and if it can give a little more visibility to the competition, we are not going to complain too much!

In the support video, we can also see other players from the Parisian squad like Marco Verratti and Gigi donnarumma. Honestly, we are not sure if they can understand the nuances of split push or weak side. But as the link between PSG Talon and PSG can be seen even in the name of the team, it’s normal to support the friends. Even if the team does not play in the French league or the European championship but in Southeast Asia, there will still be a bit of the French capital in Iceland.

Recess is over and the Main Event begins today. With 8 games on the program, for some it will be very complicated to follow everything. So you don’t miss the bigger posters, here is the Banger indicator for day one.

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