LMS | The FFHB seizes the disciplinary committee of the NHL

We can already talk about the Nantes affair and President Pelletier. For rape, last Friday, on the occasion of the match of the 5th day of StarLigue, during the match between HBC Nantes and Limoges Handball 87, facts and remarks were made towards the referees of the meeting on the part of the president of the HBC Nantes, Gael Pelletier. In their reports, the referees and the match delegate indicate that the president of HBC Nantes made insulting but also homophobic remarks towards the referees. These words were followed by physical threats and the desire to do battle.

As of this Sunday, the executive office of the FFHB was consulted by Philippe Bana, its president, so that he may be given a mandate to request the immediate opening of a disciplinary procedure with the NHL, under the provisions of article 5131-31 of the disciplinary regulations of the League.

On the other hand, and given the seriousness of the facts implicating the president of H, the FFHB announces that it will remain attentive to any precautionary measures that could be pronounced against the president of the HBC Nantes club. aimed at suspending him from all functions pending the outcome of the disciplinary procedure in application of the provisions of article 5133 of the same disciplinary regulations.

For his part, the president of HBC Nantes refuted yesterday at a press conference to have made homophobic remarks “Of course, I may have had insulting comments. Indeed, there were names of birds, which I regret. I am ready to accept these comments, but in no case homophobic comments that I did not have. “

For its part, the FFHB renews its support for the two arbitrators and recalls that it will not fail to file a civil suit if criminal proceedings were opened.

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