League of Nations – “We always thirst for trophies”: The French radiant, the Spaniards annoyed

Find the reactions of the various players in the League of Nations final between France and Spain.

Paul Pogba (midfielder) : “We started badly… Another first period where we were dominated by Spain, we had to react after a goal, we scored two minutes later… We have to do better, we know, but the result is here. If this is how we have to win, why not, we will continue like this (smile). (…) It’s always good to go get a trophy, we are always thirsty for trophies, we are never satisfied. We played a big team from Belgium which put us in difficulty in the semi-finals, and in the final, another big team from Spain, which has quality players, but we also showed our qualities, strength, power. We did it very well, unfortunately in reaction… But fortunately for us in fact, because we were able to go up the slope and win this match. “

We have a very large team

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema (forward): “I feel a lot of pride, this is the first for me with the France team. I am very proud and very happy. We had two very good matches at a good level. These are trophies to go and get, we did it. I am happy and proud because we have a very large team. (On his magnificent goal) It’s a gesture that I often repeat in training sessions rather low to the post, in warm-up I put a lot of it. When I knocked, I knew it was going to fit, but I wasn’t going to say it was going to go right through the skylight. Sometimes it takes success. (on the ability to reverse badly embarked situations) I think this is the sign of great teams. Don’t panic, wait, wait for the right moment. That’s what we did. We never gave up and we managed to score these two goals. The 2022 World Cup? Already, I will enjoy this trophy (smile). Afterwards, we will give everything to qualify and go get it! ”

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Jules Koundé (defender) : “It’s a trophy, we’re super happy. This is my first with the French team. It rewards the work of the whole team. It was difficult against Belgium, very difficult again tonight but we showed great strength of character, we defended together we suffered together and we were able to achieve this victory. (On the state of mind of the blues when they were led to the score). I don’t think there were any doubts. We managed to come back against Belgium, we know that nothing is ever over. But it’s true that with Karim’s goal it was much easier, otherwise they would have gained confidence. There, it broke their dynamic and it allowed to have more space. We intended to go and hurry them, so we did. We haven’t always done it very well. Sometimes we let them go out, touch their midfield but we continued to make the effort, we improved our pressing and in the end we were very efficient in front. “

Mbappé’s second goal hurt our morale.

Luis Enrique

Aymeric Laporte (Spain defender) : “It’s a difficult defeat. We showed that we had a great team despite the youth, we played better than them, but what matters is the result. (On the goal awarded to Mbappé): There are new rules and each referee interprets them as he wants, in their favor in this case. I don’t want to dwell on it. I wanted it to be us who won, it doesn’t matter to me that France wins, it’s not a particular joy. “

Luis Enrique (Spain coach): “No matter where or against whom we play, Spain is playing its game. Some people may think that we played well or badly, but no supporter can say that we played differently. We have always played the same way. I am very happy and very proud of my players. They were able to defend against some of the best attacks in the world, if not the best. We managed to win against the European champions and play against the world champions without feeling small. I feel like I’m going to have more and more difficulty building my roster of 23 players. We will have to continue playing with this personality to achieve our goals. (…) When a team has just scored normally the other is K-0, it’s time to stir the knife in the wound, but Karim Benzema puts in a splendid, extraordinary goal, we did not expect to that. It’s a shame we couldn’t savor the goal and put more pressure.

(On VAR) I’m not going into this game, for 10 years that I coach, no one has heard me badly talk about referees, I prefer to focus on my team so that they are the best in victories as in defeats. Mbappé’s second goal hurt our morale. We don’t miss anything, we have to have the same confidence in the next matches, try to continue like this. We would have liked to be able to celebrate with our loved ones, for the supporters, as a selection we would like to offer them joy. We will make this possible in the future. ”

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