Julia Paredes explains the reason for the breakup with the father of her children

5 days ago, Julia published a message accompanied by a photo of her and her husband, Maxime, in which she confided to having spent time alone with her dear and tender, something she neglected previously because entirely dedicated to his children. She wrote, “Yesterday and for the first time in almost two years, we got together with my husband. We took advantage of the time for a dinner just the two of us. It was a first for me because I have never left Vittorio yet, it was a bit hard but I got over it and everything went well! I am very close and fusional with my children and I am 24 hours a day with them, but I am aware that I have to give time for the good of my couple. Being a mother does not mean forgetting yourself as a woman and a wife and that I had never given much importance to, today I decided that would change ”.

“He left me when I was 7 months pregnant”

Julia Paredes who participates in Moms & Famous on TFX delivered to our colleagues from Pure People. She explained the reasons for her break-up with her husband “He left me when I was 7 months pregnant, but while staying under the same roof as me. He wanted me to react because this pregnancy was so complicated that I was horrible with everyone, especially with him. I didn’t make any effort so to make me react, he told me he didn’t love me anymore. It wasn’t true but I thought it was. But I had hope because his family told me that if he didn’t really love me anymore, he would be gone. We got back together a few weeks after Vittorio was born ”.

She also said that their respective schedules were sometimes incompatible but that now she was more understanding. Indeed, the mother of Luna and Vittorio declared “He is a father who is very taken by his sport so it is true that for the moment, we do not really have time to spend moments together”. She added, “It has always been difficult. Before, I didn’t want to understand it, I told myself that it was just a sport. I reproached him a lot. But I learned that it was really a daily sacrifice. I put as little pressure on him as possible. It’s still a bit difficult on a daily basis to live with a top athlete because I have to manage a lot on my own ”. The young woman still wanted to be optimistic and thus concluded with Pure People : “We have made a new start. I understand what he is doing regarding sport and vice versa. We do everything to respect what the other is doing suddenly, things are going much better. There are no more arguments, we just had to make a tune-up and get settled properly ”.

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