Johnny Hallyday, jealous of David his son? Sylvie Vartan makes some very surprising confidences

These are many astonishing revelations from Sylvie Vartan. In an interview conducted by the Sunday newspaper, the famous artist indeed agrees to discuss her relationship with Johnny Hallyday. She also evokes the sometimes surprising reactions of the rocker. Indeed, it seems that the now deceased singer may have sometimes been jealous of his own child. Objeko explains everything in great detail.

Johnny Hallyday : destabilized by the existence of his son David! Sylvie Vartan remembers …

A busy life

This Sunday, October 10, 2021, Sylvie Vartan gives a long interview to our colleagues from the Journal du Dimanche. This is an opportunity for her to present her new album entitled Thanks for looking. During this meeting with the press, the singer also confides in her daily life alongside her husband Tony Scotti whom she has been married to for many years now. The 77-year-old girl seems indeed always happy with this relationship which brings her a lot of happiness from day to day.

Since his meeting with the producer, the lovebirds have never doubted their feelings and from the start, they have known a flawless bond. “I was lucky enough to meet a man at 37 who gave me a love that I did not expect at all. A second life was not easy for me. Tony was married and I was coming out of my marriage to Johnny, which like our story did not end in peace ”. Indeed, if Sylvie Vartan keeps in excellent memory the period of her life spent alongside Johnny Hallyday, their married life was not, however, easy. The interpreter of Hold back the night was indeed a man of character, but also capable of certain excesses.

Johnny Hallyday: A tumultuous relationship

When Sylvie Vartan and Johnny Hallyday meet in the early 1960s, they fall in love with each other. Overnight, the rocker and the idyll of the yé-yé years simply becomes inseparable. From this beautiful union, their son David will be born three years later; a real gift from heaven for the young mother. However, the atmosphere at home is not easy. Johnny is less and less present and also multiplies the conquests. Little by little feeling abandoned, Sylvie Vartan quickly understands that despite love, the end may be inevitable.

Indeed, as soon as David arrived in his life, Johnny was no longer quite the same. Without claiming that he was jealous of her son, Sylvie Vartan thinks that the rocker changed from that point on. According to her, the idol of young people really no longer found its place in the couple, because it was no longer the main center of interest. The child took all the attentions of his mother, who for her part was perhaps less available for the man in her life. Sylvie Vartan indeed specifies that if for a woman, the arrival of a baby is quite natural and instinctive, the situation can be much more complicated for a man, a fortiori for an artist of the rank of Johnny.

A difficult time to live

During this meeting with the journalists, Sylvie Vartan therefore suggests that Johnny Hallyday may at one time or another be a little jealous of David or at least of the attention his mother gave him: “For a young man, it is disturbing to have a child, unlike the sea for which the bond is more carnal”. Before adding: “It’s all the more complicated to live when you are famous and make the headlines.” It should indeed be remembered that in those years Johnny already had an impressive career and was one of the most followed and important personalities of his time.

This testimony from Sylvie Vartan reminds us that from the start of the 1960s, Johnny Hallyday was no longer a singer like the others, but indeed a megastar. Still very young, he had to learn to manage this success, before being able to find a more stable life. In summary, at the time of David’s birth, Johnny may have been too young, too crazy, and not yet ready to take on that role of father. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the artist subsequently maintained an extremely intense and special relationship with her child. Indeed, David and Johnny Hallyday have repeatedly proven how close they are, especially on the album made with four hands which is entitled: Blood for blood

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