Jim Ryan provides PS5 update with controversial new statement

The boss of PlayStation made a few statements during a long interview with “GamesIndustry”. He notably took stock of his professional career and the success of the PS5.

Jim Ryan, the boss of PlayStation delivered himself to our colleagues from GamesIndustry over the current period, the success of the brand, but also its future in the more or less long term. We offer you some selected pieces of which only the CEO of the Japanese firm has the secret.

He spoke in particular on the success of the licenses in terms of sale, by evoking in particular his frustration on the fact that the current equipment restricts the success of these which can benefit only “a few tens of millions of players”.

I would also like to see a world where the games we make at PlayStation can be enjoyed by tens of millions of people. Maybe even hundreds of millions of people. Right now, with the current console model, a great PlayStation hit can be played by 10 or 20 million people.We are talking about games that oppose music, we are talking about games that oppose movies. Music and movies can be enjoyed by almost unlimited audiences. And I think the art that our studios produce is some of the best entertainment that has been made in the world. And shutting down the public for the wonderful art, the wonderful entertainment that our studios provide … to close the public for that to 20 or 30 million frustrates me. I would like to see a world where hundreds of millions of people can enjoy these games.

He then spanned the launch of the PS5 in a very special context with the Covid-19 crisis by confiding that he attended the launch of the machine with his family, from his sofa, having recorded the event from his dining table …

One of my iconic moments is the launch of the PS5. A series of strange, almost surreal events, for all kinds of reasons. As I have said, I did this launch from a dining table in North London, with most of my colleagues on the west coast of the United States, thousands of miles and eight hours away. And the other colleagues in Japan are thousands of miles away, but in the opposite direction and in the opposite time zone. I learned a lot from it all (…) One of the weird things about the PS5 launch is that all of the equivalent events have been done online. Of the many surreal events of the past year, this is probably the most surreal of all.

Finally, Jim Rayan tried his hand at a controversial statement that stirred up a strong reaction on the web, since the latter says that the Middle East had never had a game culture before the arrival of the PlayStation … Russia and Spain also took it for their rank. Those interested will appreciate.

One of the reasons I’m proud of this project is that we’ve kind of pushed the boundaries. We opened up markets that never had a gaming culture. The Middle East … people had never played games before PlayStation in the Middle East. Russia had a very small gaming industry before the PlayStation. Spain had a very small gaming industry before the PlayStation. So we really pushed the geographic boundaries.

IGN Middle East was quick to react to his comments.

No, Jim Ryan, video games were popular in the Middle East long before PlayStation, from Famicom to Internet cafes, we enjoy games long before PlayStation hit our stores.

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