Jessica Thivenin on the verge of divorce with Thibault Garcia? She makes a tune-up

Between Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia who have just celebrated the two years of their son Maylone, everything is fine. And yet, according to the rumors, they would be on the verge of divorce. During her visit to France to give birth to her second child, the 31-year-old young woman no longer wore her wedding ring for nearly 5 months. Faced with the concern of her fans, the beautiful blonde focused on Snapchat : “There are plenty who noticed that I had put my wedding ring back on. You noticed. So I didn’t take it off because I was arguing with my husband for five months not at all, even when we are arguing we don’t take the jewelry off us. ”

But then, why did Jessica Thivenin remove her ring? In the rest of her video, the influencer explained: “Quite simply because when you’re in France, I don’t bring anything. Nothing, not even jewelry, nothing. So that’s why, so no we weren’t in trouble, everything is fine. “ Amusée, the emblematic candidate of Marseillais launched to her husband Thibault Garcia: “That’s it honey, you and me are remarried”, to which he replied with humor: “I hadn’t seen me, for me we were still together.” So don’t panic. In the rest of the news, know that Nabilla threw a spade at Jessica Thivenin after the birthday of her son Maylone.

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