Jenifer looks back on her catastrophic cross battles in the Voice All-Stars

After calamitous cross battles in The Voice All Stars where she saw 90% of her team get eliminated, Jenifer agreed to reverse this rout.

I have zero talent at the moment in the semi-finals. The public votes for the other team at each of my cross battles“Jenifer launched, worried, to Nikos Aliagas on Saturday evening in The Voice All-Stars. Fortunately for the historic coach, the issue came at the very end of the show. Thanks to Amalya, semi-finalist of the first season of The Voice, Jenifer will not arrive alone on the big live bonuses which begin this Saturday, October 16 at 9:05 pm on TF1. But by losing the majority of his team (Al.Hy, Antony Trice, Leelou, Charlie and Ogee), Jenifer experienced two particularly complicated bonuses. In an interview she gave us, she confided in this formidable step and the elimination of her team.

“There were a lot more women than men …

You had to be a minimum strategist and I was not at all, she confesses. It was hot. It was very special. Especially for the talents who were waiting their turn in the stands“. For Jenifer, one of the reasons for this rout is explained by the spectators present in the room.”It was a weird audience. They were only intermittents. Then there were a lot more women than men …“she launches, insinuating that female talents (90% of her team) were therefore less fortunate.

Amalya the only woman to qualify for the semi-final last Saturday

A claim that Saturday night’s cross battles have somehow confirmed. Indeed, Amalya – Jenifer’s protege – is the only female candidate to have qualified for the semi-final that night. All the other singers competing in the 2nd premium of the cross battles were eliminated by the 101 spectators present in the stands: Emmy Liyana, Anahy, Louis Combier or Ana Ka.

In the end, six women and nine men will compete this Saturday evening on TF1. At the end of the semi-final, only six of them will qualify for the grand final of The Voice All-Stars scheduled for Saturday 23 October 2021 at 9:05 p.m. Will Jenifer succeed in saving the honor and keeping Amalya until the end? Nothing is less sure !

Here are the 15 semi-finalists of The Voice All-Stars

In Florent Pagny’s team:

Anne Sila

Dominique magloire

MB 14


In Zazie’s team:

Will barber


Gjon’s Tears

In Mika’s team:

Victoria Adamo


Anthony Touma

Terence james

In Jenifer’s team:


In Patrick Fiori’s team:

Flo malley


Louis Delort

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