Jarry very moved by talking about his deceased father and the broadcast of the TV movie Beside

Tonight, TF1 is broadcasting By your side, a TV movie co-written by Jarry and in which the comedian is an actor. Personally touched by the story of this fiction, he burst into tears on the set of Day-to-day by evoking his deceased father.

It’s a very special evening for Jarry this Monday, October 11, 2021. Indeed, TF1 is broadcasting a new TV movie, By your side, co-written by the comedian. In this fiction, he delivers himself with great modesty to a story inspired by his own family journey. He plays Anthony Lambert, a man who has a complex relationship with his father Marcel (Didier Bourdon), winemaker and hunter. Everything opposes them until the day Marcel learns that he is condemned by cancer. Father and son will then face, united, this ordeal. Touched closely by this story, Jarry could not contain his emotion on the set of Day-to-day by evoking the death of his father.

Jarry moved by evoking the death of his father

In 2003, Jarry lost his dad after a long battle with the disease. A battle that the latter did not lead alone since he asked his son to accompany him until the end of his life: “He said to himself that he had to make up some time with me and that I was going to accept because there was this deadline that we could not cancel. He quickly understood that I was going to be able to be the only one who was going to be able to support him on a daily basis“, he explains modestly to Yann Barthès when the presenter asks him why him and not the other members of his family. But then, did accompanying his father in the last weeks of his life allow artist to forge stronger bonds with his father? “Honestly, I do not know“, he replies with a tight throat.

Tonight I say goodbye to my daddy

I want you to enjoy life, I want you not to forbid yourself anything, and that you are not afraid of anything, declares the father of Anthony Lambert in the fiction of TF1. Words that Jarry will never forget: “He told me “, he explains with emotion to the journalist. But through this TV movie, the actor also wants to send a message to those who are going through a similar situation: “I would tell them to do not wait to say what they think, their fears, their regrets and their misunderstandings. Once people are gone, we will live with what was said at the end. And that’s what we’re going to build with“, he declares. I want to tell them, don’t be afraid. Just be there, hold your hand, and tell people that they didn’t live for nothingends the man in turn who has become a dad. And if his father died almost twenty years ago, Jarry is still touched, even if he has learned to live without this father figure. Proud to present this fiction to viewers, he is also upset to reveal part of his story: “I am very sad. This film has been part of my daily life for five years, and tonight I say goodbye to my daddy“, he concludes with wet eyes before launching an appeal to the government concerning the end of life and the right to die with dignity.

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