Jarry says he found his ex-girlfriend, who inspired a scene from the TV movie Beside (VIDEO)

Guest of Culture M├ędias this Monday, October 11, Jarry confided in his very personal TV movie To your sides, to see tonight on TF1. He revealed his reunion with his ex-girlfriend, which inspired one of the scenes in this fiction.

This Monday, October 11, at 9:05 p.m. on TF1, viewers will be able to find Jarry in a slightly different role, and yet well known. The host of Game of Talents indeed plays the actors in the moving TV movie By your side, a fiction he wrote himself and which was inspired by his complex relationship with his father. The story of his character Anthony therefore draws a lot from Jarry’s real life experiences, such as his daddy’s request to accompany him until his last moments of life when he learned that he was seriously ill. In By your side, we also find another scene straight out of Jarry’s life: when, before he comes out, his then girlfriend discovers him with another man in bed.

Jarry says he found his last girlfriend

At the microphone of Media Culture on Europe 1 this Monday, October 11, after recalling that his TV movie was not a documentary, Jarry explained why he had however chosen to stick to reality on this scene. “There are also a lot of fictional things” thus began the animator and comedy. Before specifying: “The part that concerns me is really the part with the dad, and then that little wink that I wanted, because I owed him to the person to whom I brought this scene to life. I have since found “. Amused, he said: I found this young girl a year and a half ago. It’s very, very funny because she first told me that she had been convinced of it since she had met him but that, as I argued the opposite …

“I was doing the job”

Philippe Vandel then interrupts his guest to find out if he had intimate relations with her. “Of course we had sex. I had a number of sexual relationships with women. I was average I think.” Jarry answers tit for tat. Before coming out, the host was in a relationship with women, and it was absolutely not platonic: “I was doing the job. I was practicing. I was asking my friends what worked, what was trendy. But I did it as practical work., there was no background, there was no more belief than that “. Finally, Jarry looks back on his reunion with his ex and last girlfriend. “So a year and a half ago she said to me, ‘Look, I’m very happy to see what you’ve become. Me, I’m a mom, I have four children.’ And I said to her. ‘Well you were my last wife’ “ proudly concludes the host.

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