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Do you like twists and turns? Do you like stories of heart and resentment? So you absolutely love the Ben Simmons – Sixers case, which just took a new turn almost a week before the start of the regular season. More than ever ready to move and sulking in his corner for weeks, the Boomer could finally return to the Philadelphia franchise.

Camp Ben Simmons has been sending the following message over the past few weeks, using a thousand and one different ways: “Ben no longer intends to set foot in Philly again and he’s ready to go. everything to force his transfer from the Sixers ”. Really at everything? Obviously no. While Sixers boss Daryl Morey still refuses to crack in the face of many squeezes from Simmons and his agent Rich Paul, it’s ultimately the player’s camp who blinks first. Indeed, according to Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN, Paul is reportedly currently in discussions with the Philadelphia franchise regarding a return of Simmons to the team in the near future. Wow, then this one, had to announce it given the last news concerning this file. A few days ago, we learned that the triple All-Star had already made his cards while putting his home up for sale, and that he was even considering joining the Kings. Simmons may therefore have to suspend his announcement. We have the impression that the large financial penalties inflicted on Ben ($ 1 million after the failed game against the Nets on Monday) for his repeated absences from training camp and Sixers games have had their effect. So obviously that doesn’t mean the Sixers are going to stop their research and talk about a potential transfer from the Australian, but the chances of seeing Simmons return to the group would have “increased in recent days” if Woj is to be believed. The scenario sought by the Sixers, who have consistently indicated that they hope to see Simmons return, may soon come true. It remains to be seen how this return will translate, because there is a way that it will spark.

Already, one can wonder in what state of mind Ben Simmons will return. Will he be a ghost, completely elsewhere mentally and just there to avoid losing another big bundle of greenbacks? If so, it’s hard to see what it can bring to the Sixers, and his reputation is unlikely to improve with other franchises. Because deep down, that’s what Daryl Morey is no doubt hoping for, who still hasn’t managed to find the exchange he wanted. According to Woj, Philadelphia wants to convince Simmons that the Sixers are the right spot for the long haul, but we imagine that Daryl mostly wants his rating to rise after his disastrous 2021 Playoffs in order to get better deals on the market. transfers. Next, what about the reception of the team and in particular Joel Embiid? We know what Simmons said about Jojo, and we know what Jojo said in return. Something tells us that the atmosphere on the Philly side may be a bit tense at the start of the season. Finally, and this is perhaps the most explosive aspect of a potential Simmons comeback: the reception of the Philadelphia public. We know that the fans of this city are very proud and never hesitate to whistle their team when the proposed product does not please them. This goes for the Sixers, but also for other local franchises. We are still talking about a fanbase who whistled the Eagles (NFL) in their first home game after winning the Super Bowl in 2017, just after the celebration. Only in Philly! In short, you see the delirium. And there, we have a player who has not stopped repeating his desire to leave the city of brotherly love forever, all this after having crashed in style during the Playoffs. Needless to say that at the first failed free throw of Simmons, and even well before, he will be taken in disagreement by some or even all of the public. Just recently, during a wrestling match in Philadelphia at the Liacouras Center, chants “F * ck Ben Simmons” came down from the stands …

Backing up after going this far, Ben Simmons is going to have to face a lot of stares and a lot of whistles if his return to Philadelphia is confirmed. A situation that promises to be very uncomfortable for the player, but also bizarre for a team in full preparation for the next season. It promises.

Text source: ESPN

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