Interview: Verratti: “I fell in love with PSG”

In a long interview with Franceinfo, Marco Verratti looks back on his summer which saw him win the Euro with Italy and rub shoulders with Lionel Messi at PSG. A few months away from celebrating his tenth birthday at the club, the Italian international declared his love for the capital.

Back on the pitch after a new knee injury that disrupted his start to the season, Marco Verratti hopes to be done with the physical glitches that have been holding him back for several months. After his successful performance in PSG’s victory against Manchester City (2-0) in the Champions League, the Italian international took the time to confide in Franceinfo in a video interview where he discusses many topics.

In the first place, his pleasure to find the lawns, he who missed practically the whole month of September after a bad blow to the knee received in selection. “I’m coming back well, we’ll say that they leave me a little alone. It’s a pleasure. I never stop having fun on a soccer field even when there is a lot of pressure, the stakes are huge, I never lose the fun. I will never lose it. “

The midfielder also returned to his rich summer which saw him be crowned European champion with Italy at the Euro. “It was a huge emotion to win against the English, at home, then to return to Rome and find my children. All this joy, I keep it all preciously inside me. These are things that will stay with you for life. It is the greatest emotion I have experienced in football. Winning with the Nazionale is so different. You play with your friends, in front of your family, for your country. “

“Life has also given me to play with the greatest player in the world”

The transalpine international also confided in the arrival of Lionel Messi at PSG in the offseason and on his first steps with the Argentine star. “Life has also given me the opportunity to play with the greatest player in the world, here, every day. Physically, he is very good and with the ball at his feet, he is even better. When we are with him, we forget his age. He hurt us so much when he was playing against us that we’re going to take advantage of his presence now. “

“They say the best years are at 18, and I lived them here”

While he will celebrate his ten years at the club next year, Verratti expressed his attachment to PSG, and more generally to the city of Paris “Here, I got it all. Footballistically, I had the chance to play with and against great champions, to play great matches. I fell in love with this club. That’s why I try to give the maximum, to restore the trust that I was given, he said in particular. I was a little boy who came from a small town in the Italian provinces. My children were born here. They say the best years are at 18, and I lived them here. It was unbelievable. I became a man here and found love. So everything I have experienced here will leave me with incredible memories. “

To the point of not imagining his future far from the capital. “I have a little time left. What I know is what I will stay living here. I go back to Pescara from time to time, but let’s say that after years in this big city, you come back home for your friends and family, and then because there are the sea and the mountains. “

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