Internet box: the excellent Orange fiber on offer

Good plan news Internet box: the excellent Orange fiber on offer

If you think it’s literally time to step up a gear, we may have what you need: Orange has just sold off its price on its fiber internet offers. It is more than interesting!

High-performance Internet fiber at a discounted price

Whatever we can say, having a good internet connection nowadays is essential. Whether it’s just for working, downloading files, surfing the web, or having fun, you need a very efficient download speed. And if you also like video games, it goes without saying that Orange fiber is ideal with a very high speed connection and an excellent ping!

Rediscover Orange fiber from € 21.99 per month

Good news since Orange fiber is currently on promotion, with several offers in particular: the Fiber Livebox at 22.99 euros (instead of 41.99 euros), the Livebox Up Fiber at 30.99 euros per month (instead of 49.99 euros) and the Fiber Internet + TV pack + 70GB mobile plan at 29.99 euros (instead of 63.99 euros). This is quite interesting since the technology used by Orange is clearly one of the most successful with a standard fiber FTTLA, guaranteeing the best performance on the market. Plus, it’s a 12-month commitment, after which you can cancel your subscription before reverting to the original monthly prices.

Speed, free connection: everything on Orange fiber

We therefore have two offers: the first, the Fiber Livebox at 22.99 euros per month, is available at this price until November 17. It offers 400 Mb / s sending and receiving, a telephone line allowing unlimited calls to landlines in France, Europe and to more than 110 countries as well asa bouquet of 140 TV channels. You can also request the 4K TV decoder.

The second, the Livebox Up Fiber at 39.99 euros per month (49.99 euros per month normally) will up to 2 Gbs / s for downloading and 600 Mb / s for sending. A fixed telephone line is also included and gives access to unlimited calls to France, Europe, the USA, and Canada and more than 100 other countries. For television, 4K TV decoder is automatically included with a bouquet of 140 channels.

Note that for these two offers, Orange offers to pay the cancellation fees of your old line up to € 150, and will be able to keep your landline number free of charge. The installation of the fiber in your home is also included, you will not have to do anything!

Rediscover Orange fiber from € 21.99 per month

Internet box: the excellent Orange fiber on offer

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