Income tax, housing tax, RSA … What the finance bill for 2022 will change in your daily life

Home straight for the 2022 finance bill? The National Assembly begins this Monday the last budget season of the five-year term, with a budget bill for 2022 heavy with post-crisis spending and investments. Presented on September 22 at a Council of Ministers, it is based on a growth forecast of 6% for 2021 and 4% for 2022.

The economic situation is better than expected“, was also delighted the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire, who prefers to remain cautious and not to raise the growth forecast because”we are never safe from either a health accident or an unforeseen event“.

While it is marked by a clear increase in spending by certain ministries, it will also affect our daily lives.

Increased tax brackets and exemption from housing tax

In particular, it provides for a reduction in income tax, as indicated on the site. The income tax scale brackets will be revalued by 1.4% for the 2021 income tax. A measure which aims to allow “to neutralize the effects of inflation on the level of household taxation”, specifies the bill.

Concretely, the first tax bracket will concern households with an income of 10,225 euros. The 11% tranche will concern households declaring income between 10,225 and 26,070 euros. The 30% tranche will concern it, households between declaring 26,070 euros and 74,545 euros.

To this, it will be necessary to add the exemption from the housing tax. If for the moment, this exemption does not concern everyone, with a drop of 30%, the wealthiest households will benefit from an exemption of 65% from the tax, in 2022.

The definitive abandonment of the housing tax, relating only to the main residence, is only planned for 2023. Regarding MaPrimRenov, it will be extended in 2022.

A new calculation of the allowance for disabled adults (AAH) and centralization of the RSA

The calculation of the allowance for disabled adults (AAH) will be reformed with the creation of a flat-rate allowance on the income of people living as a couple. This fixed allowance will be 5,000 euros on the income of a spouse who does not benefit from the AAH, increased by 1,100 euros per child. A new calculation that is not unanimous.

The renewal of the Pass’Sport system

Set up in 2021 to promote young people’s access to sports clubs, this back-to-school allowance of 50 euros per child subject to means-tested conditions will be extended in 2022. A recentralization of the active solidarity income (RSA) for the voluntary departments in as of January 1, 2022. This experiment has already been planned for the department of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Increased university scholarships and enlarged SNU

Grants based on social criteria will be revalued by 1%. This revaluation of the stock exchanges, announced this summer, is accompanied, on the other hand, by the elimination of meals at 1 euro, at the Crous. As for the exceptional assistance for work-study programs will be extended by 6 months, until June 2022. The universal national service will be deployed a little more widely “with 50,000 young volunteers aged 15 to 17 who will be accommodated in cohesion stay in 2022”.

The fight against domestic violence

According to the government, new funds will be allocated to measures to combat violence against women and prostitution. In all, 28 million euros will be devoted to this fight.

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