“I really want to come back, I don’t want this to end for good”

Absent from season 11 of Dance with the stars, Katrina Patchett explains why she is not back on the floor this year and gives us some news.

For his return to the air after two years of absence, Dance with the stars was given a facelift with a new jury made up of the indestructible Chris Marques accompanied by the couturier Jean Paul Gaultier, the dancer Denitsa Ikonomova (who takes on this role for the first time) and the dancer of the Opera by François Alu. Each week new rules spice up the competition. On the floor, viewers were able to meet four new dancers: the young Elsa Bois, who accompanies the youtubeur Michou, Samuel Texier, member of the French sports dance team, who dances Wejdene, the handsome tattooed kid, Adrien Caby, and finally Joël Luzolo, eliminated in the second week with Lola Dubini. Katrina Patchett is therefore missing this year. The Australian dancer and choreographer reveals exclusively to us what really happened and what her plans are now.

“They decided to remove some headliners to better find them the following year”

Télé-Loisirs: when and how did you learn that you will not participate in this season 11 of Dance with the stars ?

Katrina Patchett: I was summoned to the production offices. We had a long discussion. They explained to me that they were going to make a lot of changes for this season. They decided to remove some headliners to better find them the following year, as they do in the United States where there are not all dancers every season. It is a natural renewal of things. I really want to come back, I don’t want it to stop at all. I’ll go see them and follow the show every week.

What was your reaction when you heard about it?

I was very surprised but I understood their decision. I have remained on very good terms with the production. I understood that it was a sign that I had to make my own plans. I bounced back very quickly.

“I wouldn’t have had time to do my plans if I had done this season”

What are your projects ?

I created a concept of dance workshops with Christian Millette called Dance Stars: The Experience. The audience lives as if they were candidates for the show. They discover dance and music when they arrive. The first weekend was a huge success. With this project, we’re going on a big tour in 2022. I’m also preparing a festival that will last four days in Paris with lots of entertainment and big headliners: the Smile Paradise. The dates and location will arrive soon. They are my two babies at the moment. I wouldn’t have had time to do what I’m doing if I had done the season.

“I received lots of adorable messages from former dancers”

Will you redo Dance with the stars in Australia ?

They offered to me but unfortunately the borders were closed at that time. I had to leave at the end of August. Australia is very strict on the health crisis.

Have you received any messages from the family Dance with the stars?

I received lots of adorable messages from former dancers like Fauve Hautot, Denitsa Ikonomova, Christophe Licata or Maxime Dereymez. When I see them all together, I miss not being there after ten seasons.

“I am very happy in my life”

What do you think of this new season?

She is very dynamic. I have a crush on Denitsa who is doing really well in the jury. She is very educational. His advice is super constructive. I found the standard to be very high. I am a big fan of Bilal Hassani. For my part, I would have liked to dance with Tayc!

And on the heart side, where are you?

I have not found love again but I am very happy in my life. I stayed on very good terms with my ex-husband Valentin d’Hoore.

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