“I am not an actor”: Vincent (Love is in the meadow) responds to criticism of his participation

Vincent the Provençal does a lot of talk on social networks. The candidate of Love is in the meadow 2021 (M6) is the target of criticism and he wished to answer them during an interview for our colleagues from Star TV.

The charming forty-something, who is a trainer of horses “in freedom” in Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur, is far from being unanimous. Because of his favorable physique, he is accused of not being sincere in his approach. Even Karine Le Marchand was reluctant at the start, because she felt that he did not need to participate in Love is in the meadow to find his half. “Everyone perceives it as they want. What I know is that I rub shoulders with a lot of people in my professional world, but that doesn’t mean that it offers me romantic opportunities. And the production also judged that I had things to say“, explained Vincent.

The candidacy of the father, who has two children today aged 3 and 8, was therefore selected. Thus, viewers were able to discover his portrait, then the stage of speed-dating and the first days on the farm. And his personality has not always hit the mark. In addition to being suspected of acting, he was accused of being macho. Negative comments which fortunately did not affect Vincent: “What matters to me is to be in agreement with myself. Comments don’t matter to me. I am not an actor and in life, I am like that, I laugh and I ‘plug’… The only thing that could get to me is if my kids say, ‘Daddy, who did you bring us back?’

So let’s hope for Vincent that he made the right choice during the speed-dating. As a reminder, he invited Natacha (26 years old) and Hafsa (34 years old) to his home. For now, the handsome brunette has shown no preference. As he reminded it to Star TV, He had “a favorite for each of them“when speed-dating. But in the end, he’ll have to make a choice whether he wants to or not.

The full interview with Vincent can be found in the Télé Star magazine of October 11, 2021.

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