Huge progress in the Ben Simmons case!

Present in Los Angeles while waiting for his trade, will Ben Simmons crack? A new twist has just taken place in this soap opera, and it is quite unexpected. Decidedly, difficult to predict the future of the Sixers player.

Unhappy in Philadelphia after another complicated season, Ben simmons quickly left Pennsylvania in early summer. For him, there was no question of returning to play under the leadership of Doc Rivers: the Australian wanted a chance elsewhere, in another competitive team. A wish approved by its leaders, who have tried to find a way out in recent months.

Spoiler: there is none. Not yet anyway. Daryl Morey may well agree to trade his player, the requested consideration is too high to hope to finish this file. Teams are interested, like the Kings, but nobody wants to upset their workforce a few days before the recovery. Only solution ? Wait.

Twist in the Ben Simmons case!

The Simmons clan had been clear: no problem on their side waiting for a trade. Yes but now, the player, as well as his relatives, hoped for a quick exchange. Seeing that it will not take place, mentalities are changing according to Adrian Wojnarowski. The insider confirms that Rich Paul has made a serious step forward with the 76ers to allow the return of his client.

Sixers executives and Rich Paul have made progress in their talks over the past few days to bring Ben Simmons back to Philadelphia in the near future. Negotiations continue.

Is Simmons going to stay in Philadelphia? Until further notice, yes. But the goal has not changed: to trade the player. Bringing him back is a way he plays and thus increases his market value. A win-win deal on each side.

The plan remains for the Sixers to survey the league for trades, but the possibility of Simmons returning to the squad has increased in recent days.

Ben Simmons should therefore return to the Sixers, just to make a good impression on interested franchises. A good idea for both parties, in order to turn the page as quickly as possible. An unexpected outcome all the same, but desirable for everyone.

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