How much will each Blue win thanks to the League of Nations?

In addition to winning a new title three years after the coronation of the France team in Russia, the Blues have won a nice check.

The France team has expanded its record a little more on Sunday. Three days after their victory against Belgium in the semi-final (3-2), the Blues indeed won against Spain in the final (2-1), thus winning the second Nations League of the story. If it should not benefit greatly from this continental coronation in the FIFA rankings, France can now boast of having won all the competitions in which it has participated in modern football after the World Cup, the Euro, the Games. Olympics or the Confederations Cup.

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This triumph is also synonymous with a nice check for the players of the France team. In total, victory in the League of Nations will indeed bring in 10.5 million euros to the French Football Federation, including six million euros of victory bonus. A welcome financial windfall for the FFF, whose finances are in the red. The Federation has nonetheless planned to redistribute some 1.5 million euros to players and staff members of the France team. On the same principle as that which was in force at the World Cup in Russia or during the last Euro.

In the end, each player should therefore receive some 55,000 euros in addition to the medal awarded to the winners. A modest sum compared to the 300,000 euros won by the Blues thanks to their world title in Russia. According to RMC Sport, the Blues were awarded no less than 40 medals. A prize divided between the 23 players present at the Final Four who received the medal during the official ceremony and 17 members of the staff. The players used during the group stage but absent in Italy, like N’Golo Kanté and Olivier Giroud, will therefore not receive a medal.

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