historic record for diesel!

We can really speak of a surge in prices in the resorts. On the rise since the start of the year, prices have been climbing at high speed since the start of the school year. Between 1 and 8 October alone, the dates of the last readings published by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the liter of diesel increased by 3.8 cents.

On average, in France, it is displayed at € 1.5354. In a month, diesel took 10 cents! It was indeed at € 1.4294 on September 3. Proof that there has been a surge since the start of the school year, between June and the end of August, diesel has evolved between 1.40 and 1.44 €. But the major fact is that diesel has just beaten its all-time high. The last record was in October 2018, with € 1.5331.

Lead-free is no exception. The E10 version of the 95, the best-selling in France, had already reached a record on October 1. Record pulverized since in one week, the price climbed by 2.9 cents, reaching € 1.6073. Since the start of the school year, this fuel has taken 6 cents per liter. We therefore note that the prices between SP and diesel are tightening.

This increase is explained by an increase in oil. The barrel of Brent, a European benchmark, has been above $ 80 for a few days. At the start of the year, it was around $ 50. The black gold is carried by the recovery of the world economy, thanks to vaccination.

As oil prices have climbed in recent weeks, prices at stations will continue to rise. Refueling will be even more expensive by All Saints’ Day. Faced with this situation, the government is vigilant. The last diesel record dates back to the birth of the yellow vests movement. Last week, the Minister of the Economy left the door open for a push, without specifying its form.

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