He is 70 years old this Monday – Fans of Jean-Jacques Goldman will demand his return … by singing on their balconies at 8 p.m.!

Jean-Jacques Goldman, the favorite Frenchman of the French, celebrates his 70th birthday this Monday, October 11. His fans – who still hope to see him on stage one last time – are mobilizing to demand his return.

This is the Facebook page “We want JJ ​​Goldman in concert!” who called on fans to take communion at the windows, this Monday, October 11 at 8 p.m., to celebrate the 70 years of their favorite star.

Fans are thus invited to “applaud and sing” but also to film themselves and to publish this moment on social networks. An event (“70 years of JJ Goldman! Everyone in the window!”) Was even created for the occasion.

For the moment, few fans have announced their participation in this happening but on social networks, the call is turning more and more this Monday, October 11. “The idea is simply to make noise” for seven minutes (for the 70 years) indicates Jérôme Lellouche, an Antibois fan of Goldman interviewed by France 3. “Everyone puts the songs he likes, dances on them, sings. want to share pleasure so that as many people as possible can get together “.

The last album (Chansons pour les pieds) by Jean-Jacques Goldman dates back to 2001. The last tour dates from 2002. Since then, the favorite artist of the French continues to hit the mark. His songs, written for him or for others, turn on all radio stations and his arrival on streaming platforms has been the expected success. He remains the popular French singer N ° 1.

His last steps on stage, he has so far reserved for the Restos du Coeur, whether during special evenings or during concerts given in Ouveillan, in the Aude, for the Harvests of the Heart. Too little for fans who dream of an improbable comeback!

In the meantime, here are our Top 5 (or a little more …) songs by Jean-Jacques Goldman.

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