Google is preparing an all-in-one Apple One-style subscription, Pixel 6 included!

Google would prepare the arrival of an all-in-one subscription similar to the Apple One pack. Called Pixel 6, this pack would include all the brand’s paid services, including YouTube Premium, and the ability to change Pixel every year. For its launch, the bundle would therefore include a Pixel 6.

Google pixel 6

The Pixel 6 range continues to be talked about. As the presentation quickly approaches, we recently discovered that Google’s new flagships will be cheaper than expected, will do wonders in photography, and the Pro Edition will ship a 120Hz LTPO display.

Based on information from Brandon Lee, the videographer behind This is Tech Today YouTube channel, it looks like Google will take advantage of the phone launch to announce an all-in-one subscription similar to the Apple One pack. Launched at the end of 2020, Apple’s bundle provides access to Apple Music, Arcade, TV + and iCloud for a low monthly price.

What does the future Pixel Pass subscription offer?

Called Pixel Pass, this bundle would include access to the various paid Google services and an extended warranty. The pack would notably offer access to YouTube Premium, Google One and Play Pass. The icing on the cake, this subscription would make it possible to change smartphones every year in exchange for a monthly plan. As part of its launch, the Pixel Pass would therefore include a Pixel 6 or a Pixel 6 Pro.

“It seems to be a mix of the iPhone upgrade plan where you can get a new phone every year and the Apple One subscription”, details Brandon Lee. Google would therefore rely on a hybrid approach that looks like two separate formulas put in place by Apple. In the United States, the Cupertino giant allows buyers to change iPhone every year in exchange for a monthly subscription “IPhone Upgrade”.

This offer is limited to the US market. It is likely that this is also the case with Google’s offer to switch each year for a new Pixel. The screenshot uploaded by Brandon Lee also seems tailored for the American market. We will know more about the Pixel 6, and this mysterious Pixel Pass bundle, from Tuesday, October 19, 2021.

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