French team – EdF: Jean-Marie Le Pen applauds Benzema and Mbappé

Some have thought of a hacking of his account, but not this Monday Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the National Front and father of his daughter, greeted the victory of the France team and greeted Benzema and Mbappé.

We did not know that the father of Marine Le Pen was a fan of the Blues, but we remember that a few years ago, when he was the big boss of the FN he had strongly criticized the players of the team of France not to sing the Marseillaise. ” Most of the players do not sing La Marseillaise or obviously do not know it, when the other teams sing their anthem at full voice », Complained in 1996 JMLP, who then targeted one by one of the players who according to him would not deserve to evolve under the tricolor jersey because of their origins. Words that he took up after France’s victory at the 1998 World Cup. But in 2021, when he is now retired from political life, Le Pen Sr has visibly fallen under the spell of the team of France version Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé.

France 98 was not Jean-Marie Le Pen’s cup of tea, France 2021 it is

The day after the victory of the Blues in the final of the League of Nations against Spain, the father of Marine Le Pen wanted to salute the feat of France. ” In a cloudy horizon, a ray of sunshine: the victory of the France team in the final of the League of Nations. Congratulations to the team, especially Benzema and Mbappé JM Le Pen tweeted. The reactions did not drag on after this message from the former leader of the far-right party, some being incredulous in front of this turnaround: ” I think he had his account hacked, I see no other explanation. “,” Ah I think you forgot to take your pills Mr. LP “,” The end of the tweet was cut off: “Good things come to an end. You can return home now “. We can easily imagine that Kylian Mbappé and Karim Benzema will keep away from all this.

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