François Cluzet makes shocking remarks about the “French anti-Semites” facing Nagui

François Cluzet and Bérénice Bejo were in The Original Soundtrack on France Inter on October 11. The conversation drifted onto religion, which the actor had a lot to say about.

Small discussion religion this October 11 in the morning in the program The original tape broadcast on France Inter and hosted by Nagui. On the occasion of the film’s release The man in the cellar this Wednesday, October 13, actress Bérénice Bejo and actor François Cluzet were invited to promote it. During several conversations, the subject of religion and in particular of Judaism and negationism came to the fore with the mention of Alain Soral or Dieudonné. The historian Valérie Igounet was on the set to come back to this subject that she knows well, being the author of “History of Holocaust denial in France“. And his words provoked some reactions from actor François Cluzet who made a finding.

After talking about Pétain’s dark past and his responsibility for the Jewish genocide, François Cluzet continues: “Besides, that’s what saddens me. I have the impression that the French really have an anti-Semitic background. The Jews are always taken for scapegoats, it’s been 2000 years while it is a minority, there are 15 million in the world, they are 400,000 in France. Why is it they who constantly take it in the face? What did they do to us? I would like to know, I who do not know the history well, what have they done to us?“. A thorny question to which Nagui answers by mentioning the murder of Jesus Christ denounced by extremist Catholics and”ancestral hatred“that this provoked.

François Cluzet in The man from the cellar this Wednesday, October 13 in theaters

After a parenthesis on the more than complicated and controversial history of religion, François Cluzet skillfully brings the conversation back to the film in which he plays with Bérénice Bejo, The man in the cellar. Indeed the beliefs of their characters enter into their behavior in relation to what happens to them, and can even give some explanations. As a reminder, the film tells the story of Simon and Hélène, a couple who sells the cellar of their building to a man with a troubled past who ends up settling there without warning. It comes out this Wednesday, October 13 in theaters.

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2/12 –

Berenice Béjo
He was promoting the film The Man in the Cellar with Bérénice Béjo


3/12 –

François Cluzet
The two actors were Nagui’s guests in The Soundtrack


4/12 –

Berenice Béjo
Their film hits theaters on Wednesday, October 13


5/12 –

Berenice Béjo
The conversation revolved around religion

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6/12 –

Berenice Béjo
François Cluzet regrets the anti-Semitism of the French


7/12 –

François Cluzet
He thinks Jews are often scapegoats


8/12 –

François Cluzet
A historian was present


9/12 –

François Cluzet
François Cluzet wanted to know why Jews are often singled out

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10/12 –

François Cluzet
The question is not obvious

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11/12 –

Berenice Béjo
François Cluzet then redirected the conversation to the film

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12/12 –

François Cluzet
He spoke about the beliefs of their characters

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