Franck Gastambide separated from Sabrina Ouazani? Cyril Hanouna makes an embarrassing allusion … The actor turns the situation around! (VIDEO)

Franck Gastambide was the guest of Cyril Hanouna in Do not touch My TV this October 11. The opportunity for the host, very friend with the actor, to tease him about his private life … Before he himself is embarrassed by the repartee of his guest.

Saturday October 9, Laurent Ruquier received in We are live Franck Gastambide, who came to present season 2 of Valid, his series broadcast this Monday on Canal +. A reunion eagerly awaited by Léa Salamé, who absolutely wanted to make up for the first time she met the director and actor in We are not in bed, in 2017. At the time, the journalist had done nothing by posing “questions off the mark”, causing in particular a great discomfort on set when she had asked his interlocutor if his father was proud of him. What he had answered bluntly: “I haven’t seen my father for over ten years …”

Léa Salamé dredged up by Franck Gastambide a few days ago

Wishing to put this bad memory behind her once and for all, the journalist did not hide her joy to see Franck Gastambide again, and this in a way to redeem herself from this previous interview. I am very happy to receive it, she confided, delighted with this “redemption”. But she was far from imagining that, for his part, the actor was also delighted with this reunion. It’s always very cute. Every time I come, and we look at each other during interviews …, he got carried away, causing a barely masked embarrassment in Léa Salamé. Ah he’s flirting with me! Here I am a little pissed off, she had fun. Even if it was only a game of seduction, not so long ago, Franck Gastambide was all fire all fire about Sabrina Ouazani, and even if the two actors spoke little about it, they had ended up formalizing their relationship.

Cyril Hanouna teases the actor about his private life … who does the same!

But in recent months, the director of Taxi 5 – who revealed why Samy Nacéri did not play in this part of the saga – no longer reacted to Sabrina Ouazani’s Instagram posts, as before, by posting a little heart. Nothing. But then, what happens? Cyril Hanouna alluded to this in TPMP this October 11. “How are you, Franck? Everything is going well in your life? I was told you are the most coveted bachelor in Paris and France right now ?“, blurted out the troublemaker of the 8, making his guest very uncomfortable, who turned the situation to his advantage:”Me, I was told that you were the most coveted bachelor in Paris!“. And the facilitator to try:”So we kiss, uh … Frankly, I was told it was you“. But the creator of Valid hadn’t said his last word. “There must be a misunderstanding, I was told it was you“, he hammered.”Well, listen, it’s nobody, in any case bravo for the new season, and to start again on good bases. I don’t know what to say anymore … You’re seriously starting to make me dear!“, concluded Cyril Hanouna, embarrassed in turn.

Do not touch My TV, to be found in full on the application myCANAL.

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