Franck Gastambide reacts to Pierre Arditi’s rant in On est en direct (VIDEO)

The evening was eventful on the set of We are live on France 2 this weekend. While Cyril Hanouna was talking about politics, Pierre Arditi attacked the host and gave a rant. Franck Gastambide, also present on the set that evening, reacted to this exchange in TPMP this October 11.

Cyril Hanouna will long remember his time in We are live last Saturday night. Invited by Laurent Ruquier and Léa Salamé to promote his book, What the French told me, he drew the wrath of Pierre Arditi. The host of Do not touch My TV mentioned Jean Messiha who is no longer seen as a politician, but rather as a showman for whom no one would vote. Words that made the French actor react strongly: “Must see, we don’t know, it’s in fashion right now“, he started before continuing:”We have the heroes we deserve. We have to fight against that (…) They think they’re playing politics and it’s okay to play politics by going on TV shows. We don’t ask them to go to the TV shows, we ask them to solve the problems so that men and women are doing less badly or better. This is their function, but the rest, we don’t give a damn“, the 76-year-old man lost his temper.

The clash of generations

Faced with this tirade, Cyril Hanouna did not succeed in placing one because Pierre Arditi could no longer stop: “It exasperates me to the last degree, I’m sick of it ! (…) We’ll get the heroes we deserve and we’ll end up creating generations that end up taking a commercial for a Racine tragedy, so it annoys me“, he continued. Following that, the atmosphere was freezing on the set of the show of France 2. Among the guests present that evening was also Franck Gastambide, who was able to witness this rant from the comedian. So invited to the C8 talk show this Monday, October 11 to talk about the new season of Valid, which begins this evening on Canal +, he returns to this lunar sequence and the heavy atmosphere caused by some guests.

I felt completely out of touch with these people

On the set of TPMP, Franck Gastambide did not have his tongue in his pocket. He says that as soon as the program started, it couldn’t find its place: “You came after you, I hit them from the start. It put me in a little awkward moments“, explains the actor and director to his friend while speaking about the guests present in the program of France 2. He continues:”I was very happy to do the show, but it’s true that at one point, I felt completely out of touch with these people who were in rebellion with all modernity, all that is new, sorry, but with all the respect I owe them, a bit like old idiots“, he laments.

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