Foot OL – Xherdan Shaqiri suspended, the incredible threat! – Olympique Lyonnais

Xherdan Shaqiri was with the Swiss team during this break in Ligue 1, and the international striker found himself at the heart of an incredible diplomatic controversy.

While France played the League of Nations, the Swiss team, executioner of the Blues during the Euro, played an important match on Saturday against Northern Ireland as part of the qualifications for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. After an average start to the season with Olympique Lyonnais, Xherdan Shaqiri had found his compatriots and the Swiss striker contributed to the victory of the Nati against the Northern Irish formation. However, the former Liverpool player found himself despite himself in the middle of a pitched battle between … Kosovo and Serbia. While not from either country, Shaqiri was just at the wrong time in the wrong place. Indeed, while he was interviewed live on the Swiss channel RSI, official broadcaster of the national team’s matches, a spectator entered the lawn and quietly put a jacket on the shoulders of the striker of the. OL who did not have time to understand what was happening to him and seemed totally bewildered. On this jacket, the clearly visible logo of the KLA, the Kosovo Liberation Army. A concerted action since in the stands of the Geneva stadium we had also seen a banner appearing a banner ” Kosovo is Albania “.

This scene, broadcast on live television, obviously made Serbia jump, which considers that the KLA is a terrorist group. And the Serbian Football Federation, convinced that Shaqiri was complicit in this scene, decided to demand the official suspension of the striker from Lyon and Switzerland. ” We are currently preparing a protest letter which we will send to FIFA. We will demand an urgent reaction and the strictest sanctions against Shaqiri for promoting the criminal terrorist organization “UCK” in a statement to the media “, Very seriously informed the Serbian authority. For its part, stunned by all this, the Swiss Federation reacted strongly to this diplomatic incident. ” It is unacceptable that people want to use football stadiums, and in this case interviewing a player after a match, for political propaganda purposes. Xherdan Shaqiri reacted in an exemplary manner, remained calm and did not react. The man was questioned by the police and an immediate stadium ban was imposed on him “, Specified the officials of the Nati who contacted Serbia in order to explain this sequence and calm things down.

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