Following a joke deemed transphobic, comedian Dave Chappelle creates controversy

“If it’s what we call being” erased “then I like that”, reacted the comic in reference to the “cancel culture” of which he claims to be a victim.

American comedian Dave Chappelle arouses controversy following jokes about “genre” in one of his shows broadcast on Netflix. These comments were denounced by LGBTQ activists as being “Transphobic”. “Gender is a fact. Every human in this room, every human being on Earth had to go through a woman’s legs to be on Earth. It’s a fact”, launches in particular the comic in The Closer, released this week in the United States.

In passing, he defends British author JK Rowling, accused by some of having made insulting remarks against transgender people on Twitter in 2020. These projections were not to the liking of LGBTQ advocacy groups, like the National Black Justice Coalition, which asked Netflix to deprogram Dave Chappelle’s show.

Jaclyn Moore, producer for Netflix of the series Dear White People and herself transgender, for her part affirmed on Twitter that she would no longer work with the video on demand platform “As long as it continues to distribute and enjoy content so openly and dangerously transphobic”.

Far from calming things down, Dave Chappelle added fuel to the fire Thursday, October 7, during a show given in the gigantic Hollywood Bowl stadium in Los Angeles. “If it’s what we call being ‘erased’ then I like it”, he said in reference to the “cancel culture” of which he considers himself a victim. The comedian, famous in the Anglo-Saxon world, was warmly applauded by the 18,000 spectators, according to The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, two media specializing in the entertainment industry.

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