First record, Sport 2000, Sardou … Five things you might not know about Jean-Jacques Goldman

Jean-Jacques Goldman is 70 years old this October 11. The opportunity to review his beginnings and his career, through a few anecdotes.

It’s a double anniversary for Jean-Jacques Goldman, who is celebrating his 70th birthday this Monday and whose first solo album, Jean-Jacques Goldman, was released in September 1981, 40 years ago. The opportunity to explore some lesser known aspects of the crazy career of the one who did not want to make a career, and which shed light on the character in a more personal light. Small stories that show, if there is still need to do it, the astonishing simplicity of the musician with millions of records sold, who has collaborated with all the showbiz, from Johnny Hallyday to Celine Dion.

• His first record was produced by a priest

Jean-Jacques Goldman made his musical debut with the Red Mountain Gospellers in Montrouge. It was in 1966.

“We had made a small gospel group, and it was a priest, Father Dufourmantelle, who was beginning to integrate this music”. “We made gospels in the churches. The fathers, who were very nice, had financed us a record, which we sold at the exit of the churches”, he said in Tomorrow is Sunday on Antenne 2, in 1985.

• He continued to work in his parents’ store, even after being successful

In the early 1980s, success began to dawn, with the title All it takes is a sign, in 1981, extract from the album entitled Jean-Jacques GoldmanOld fashioned, the title initially chosen by Goldman, having been judged little seller by its record company.

“I said to myself, I wanted to make a record before going into real life”, he delivered to M6 in Faster than music in 2003.

He therefore continues to work in his parents’ Sport 2000 store in Montrouge, with his brother Robert, without any particular career plan. “I was finishing a TV show, I quickly removed my makeup, in the car or in the taxi, and I got back to work.” He did not stop until December 1982, when he had already sold a million albums.

“What bothered him the most was when he felt compelled to stop working at the store. Because fans came to the store for him, and not to buy,” his friend Michael Jones said. in that same show.

• “L’Envie” was not intended for Johnny Hallyday

Spotted in 1978 by producer Marc Lumbroso, Jean-Jacques Goldman was then the young singer of the group Tai Phong, and whose hit Sister Jane punctuated the year 1975. He then aspired to be a songwriter for other performers. “He was trying to make songs for each other, and I was trying to place them. And we hardly placed any of them,” said Marc Lumbroso in Faster than music. Jean-Jacques Goldman, for example, has already composed Desire, proposed to… Michel Sardou, who refuses it.

Johnny Hallyday will perform in 1986, on his album Gang, this song that has become emblematic of his repertoire. The song I promise you, another great success of the Taulier signed JJG was for Gérard Lenorman. His relationship with Johnny Hallyday, Jean-Jacques Goldman described it at the microphone of Nagui on RTL, as Eric Jean-Jean tells it in his book Goldman, a life in songs:

“The relationship with Johnny is really special. love on both sides. The word ‘love’ is not well chosen, but we want each other well, I think “.

• He was demolished by critics early in his career

In December 1985, Jean-Jacques Goldman pays himself a double page in Release and France Evening, on which he wrote this little sentence

“Thank you for having judged for yourself”, in the middle of an anthology of rather violent criticisms against him.

Among them, a concert chronicle of theThursday event, whose journalist describes the young musician as “BHL of the ritornello”.

“The voice chokes in the treble, similar to the squeals of a paralyzed snail,” he quipped. For him, his songs are “scout ballads, funky revised with a clever panoply of daring arrangements”.

Jean-Jacques Goldman’s second tour, entitled Second visit, which starts in December 1985, will have 150 dates all over France, sold out.

• Why he wrote “Since you are leaving”

Even though she brings us torrents of tears every time she hears, Since you’re leaving is not a sad song. Or at least not that sad. Released in 1987, Since you’re leaving, taken from the album Between light gray and dark gray, was not written for a loved one, as Goldman recounted in 2002 in the tour DVD A ride together, but for the public.

“At the end of my concerts, people were singing It’s only a good bye, once it was turned back on, and I found this song very ugly. And so I said to myself that I would like to make a song that we can sing on the start (…), which says that it is not necessarily sad, the fact of separating. (…) It is not linked to a personal disappearance, “he said.

Some have indeed thought that she was a tribute to her half-brother, Pierre Goldman, far left activist and robber, assassinated in 1979.

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