Fatal microlight accident in Maïdo: a risky practice in Reunion?

The drama is still “incomprehensible” in the opinion of experienced pilots. The investigation continues into the ULM accident which claimed the lives of a pilot and a young tourist on Sunday. It will have to shed light on the circumstances of this crash.

In the aftermath of a plane crash in the Maïdo sector, which left two dead, investigations are continuing to determine the circumstances of the tragedy. The accident claimed the lives of a 28-year-old tourist and ULM pilot Koneg Novena.

The emotion remains strong on the Félix ULM base in Cambaie, from where the machine had taken off, just like on the Maïdo site. This Monday, October 11 in the morning, no activity around the plane during. The operations to recover the ULM have not started.

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ULM crash in Maïdo: the investigation continues after the death of two people

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What happened ?

The pilot was an experienced professional with over 1,400 flight hours to his credit, who regularly performed sightseeing flights. Driver or technical failure, what happened? The investigation carried out by the Air Transport Gendarmerie Brigade will determine the reasons for this crash.

The weather does not seem to be the cause, in the opinion of the experts it was even excellent. Three microlights accompanied Koneg Novena’s plane yesterday morning, Sunday October 10. All three returned to the airfield.

Mountain flight

Reunion in itself is considered mountain flying with high and very rugged relief and a more or less strong wind, the Trade Winds, which cause changing turbulence. Characteristics that ” all pilots who fly in Reunion know “, according to Thierry Chapuis, ULM vice-world champion.” It remains incomprehensible what happened yesterday “, he concludes.

For him, 11 ULM accidents in 13 years remains a low figure given the number of flights and people affected each year.

ULM crash at Maïdo: what happened?

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