Fabien Lecoeuvre publishes a book on Jean-Jacques Goldman, who is celebrating his 70th birthday today, in which he reviews the true story of his songs

Today, Monday October 11, Jean-Jacques Goldman is celebrating his 70th birthday. On this occasion, Fabien Lecoeuvre released a new work dedicated to the singer: “The true story of the songs of Jean-Jacques Goldman” (publisher Hugo Images).

By touching the hearts and concerns of young people, Jean-Jacques Goldman first established himself as one of the symbols of Generation 80. Then over the years, singing about everyone’s life, the songwriter -Passionate blues performer has become one of the undisputed leaders of French song. With authenticity and sobriety, without ever seeking the light, without cheating, being content to do his job well, Goldman has matured artistically, making the Goldman sound a real identity that has spanned the decades, without chasing after the album too many.

Since its debut in 1981, Goldman has featured seven solo albums, two trio albums with Carole Fredericks and Michael Jones, six live albums, almost three hundred songs including 160 for other artists such as Celine Dion, Johnny Hallyday, Patricia Kaas, Khaled, Patrick Fiori, Marc Lavoine, Florent Pagny, Calogero… For forty years, Jean-Jacques Goldman has sold more than thirty million records and remains regularly, despite his media discretion, one of the favorite personalities of the French.

This work brings together, for the first time, the stories of fifty great Goldman standards, which he interpreted or that he had sung by other artists. From “All it takes is a sign”, to “I give you” through “He changed your life” or “Over there”, “To our failed acts”, “When the music is good”, “She has made a baby all alone ”,“ Life by proxy ”, without forgetting“ I promise you ”for Johnny Hallyday,“ If it was enough to love ”for Celine Dion,“ Aïcha ”for Khaled,“ It’s said ” for Calogero, and many others.


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