Do not remove the screen protector!

Nintendo confirms to players that under no circumstances should the screen protection film of the Nintendo Switch OLED be removed.

This Friday, October 8, the brand new Nintendo Switch OLED, Nintendo’s revisited and slightly improved hybrid console, was released. If this was particularly expected, it has a few surprises in store for its users. One of them is a screen protector which is automatically glued to the panel when unpacking the console. Similar to any protective film, yet it has an essential utility.

Avoid cutting yourself with the glass screen

OLED technology is not the only novelty applied to the screen of the new Switch. The latter is made of glass, unlike that of the classic Switch which is made of plastic. And although it is aesthetically less qualitative, the plastic screen has a definite advantage: it does not shatter into small, sharp pieces when it breaks.

The Nintendo Switch OLED, on the other hand, is much more prone to this kind of problem. This is why Nintendo had a protective film installed on its glass screen, to avoid dangerous debris if you were to knock her to the ground. It must therefore obviously be kept in place, especially if you plan to use it by children who might cut themselves.

Protection like any other

The other big advantage of this screen protector is that it also protects against scratches, which are also more common on glass screens. Note, however, that this is a very discreet film, and that it is only visible if you look for it. On this side, Nintendo has done things well so as not to degrade the gaming experience of its users.

Indeed, protective screens are a drag for many players, who find that they tarnish the image and colors or that they alter the tactile ability of the screen. This doesn’t seem to be the case for this one at first glance, and Nintendo also points out that it’s entirely possible to put another movie you bought, on top of the one already provided.

A trip with great fanfare

You can now discover the Nintendo Switch OLED since it is on sale on the sites of many resellers and in stores. If you plan to buy one, also discover our selection of the best Switch games that will take full advantage of its OLED screen.

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