Denitsa Ikonomova has found love again: you all know it …

Denitsa Ikonomova made her first comeback as a juror of Dance with the stars. The young dancer of Bulgarian origin was also noticed by separating from Rayane Bensetti, who preferred a famous singer to her. Denitsa would however have already found love again, and you know her new suitor very well! The Objeko team reveals all the crisp details of this story in this article!

Denitsa Ikonomova: the dancer who became a juror

Denitsa Ikonomova went from complete stranger to stardom in the space of just a few years, at least in France. Because the 34-year-old young woman was already well known around the world before making her appearance in Dance with the Stars!

Denitsa Ikonomova was born and raised in Bulgaria. She developed a passion for dance at a very young age, and won the title of Bulgarian champion of Latin dance. Building on her great success, the ambitious young woman left for Quebec to pursue her career. It was at this time that she learned French. After good rankings at the Canadian national level, Denitsa Ikonomova is spotted on television by becoming a finalist of the show “So you think you can dance”, a sort of equivalent of The Voice for dance. The Dance with the Stars team notices her, and invites her to become one of the show’s permanent dancers.

And it is a great success! The Bulgarian dancer has won the show four times with her pairs Rayane Bensetti, Loïc Nottet, Laurent Maistret and Clément Rémiens. Her glorious career allowed her to land the role of juror in the program, which she began this year. Here is a great example of a dazzling career that makes you dream! Against all expectations, the young Bulgarian girl who dreamed of becoming a dancer is now one of the most famous dancers in France!

Denitsa and Rayane: a long story

Denitsa had many dance partners. Four of them managed to win the trophy thanks to the advice and training of the Bulgarian dancer. However, there is one candidate who went beyond the simple exchange of dance steps …

The relationship between Denitsa Ikonomova and Rayane Bensetti has never been strictly formalized. However, we could see the two lovebirds kissing passionately, which removes all doubt! The young actor who was revealed in the series Pep’s and Clem would have fallen in love with the dancer, and the couple have been together since Dancing with the Stars. However, all of this ended this year. Denitsa Ikonomova and Rayane Bensetti have stopped following each other on social networks, which is a good sign that their separation was not without tears.

We have since been able to see the young actor kissing the singer and actress Camille Lellouche. The latter was also happy to explain their relationship. This must not have pleased the Bulgarian dancer! Don’t worry though, the latter didn’t stay celibate for long …

Denitsa Ikonomova: her heart is no longer to be taken!

Sorry to break your dreams gentlemen, but Denitsa Ikonomova is no longer single! At least that’s what the rumor says. As you know, the Bulgarian dancer is very discreet about her private life. Objeko therefore transmits to you these hallway noises which should be taken with a pinch of salt. It must be said that there are certain elements which seem to confirm this thesis however!

Denitsa Ikonomova was spotted in the arms of another of her dance partners with the stars. This is Laurent Maistret, made famous with his participation in Koh Lanta. The very handsome 38-year-old is also a model. He lent his dream physique and his angelic face to the advertising campaigns of prestigious brands such as Guess or Calvin Klein. This summer, Denitsa Ikonomova went on vacation with Laurent Maistret and other dancers from the show Danse avec les stars. It was at this point that their rapprochement would have taken place. The separation between the dancer and Rayane Bensetti could therefore be older than we thought!

Of course, none of this has not been confirmed by those concerned. We will have to wait to see the two lovebirds together to know for sure if it was a simple love affair, or a more serious relationship. Objeko is keeping an eye out for you!

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