Delphine Wespiser firmly cropped by Kelly Vedovelli after her assault!

The weekend was pretty tough for Delphine Wespiser. The young woman was the victim of an assault just below her home, in Mulhouse (Alsace). An individual stole his watch. A sad event that prompted her to post a story on Instagram.

“Fed up with this country. What are the police doing?”, she wrote denouncing in passing the lack of responsiveness of the police. “We turned an hour to find my attacker, and we didn’t see a single police patrol during that time …”. The police union Alliance Police Nationale Grand-Est issued a statement in response qualifying the affair as “sterile controversy”. According to him, the columnist of Hands off my post “cast shame on all of our colleagues” which specifies that police officers were mobilized to “solve this case in flagrante delicto which amounts to doing everything possible to find a needle in a haystack”. “Our colleagues are committed daily and relentlessly for the safety of the French, risking their lives”.

To conclude, Delphine Wespiser is reminded that being “a celebrity does not allow to benefit from a particular or additional status of victim”. “As a result, this matter will therefore be treated with the same professionalism on the part of our Mulhouse colleagues as the others”. He was then asked to provide “a public apology”.

Delphine Wespiser tackled by Kelly Vedovelli

If on the set of the show, the former beauty queen told this story again, she also explained for what reasons she had decided to make this matter public. However, Delphine Wespiser clashed with the opinions of her comrades. Nicolas Pernikoff, reproached him for having used his notoriety to challenge people. Kelly Vedovelli did not understand his reaction immediately after his assault. “You ask, what are the police doing without calling them?”, she told him. “The police are not running around the clock in your street … You have to call them!”

Faced with Bruno Pomard, former police officer of the Raid who came to defend the point of view of the police, Roger’s companion finally apologized.

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