Delphine Wespiser criticizes the police after the theft of her watch, this union wants an apology

PEOPLE – “What are the police doing?” Delphine Wespiser, Miss France 2012, criticized the inaction of the police after being the victim of a robbery in the street on Sunday October 9. A remark that offended the Alliance de Metz police union.

On Instagram, the former Miss France explained that she had been “assaulted in the street”. “In a flash, my watch disappeared,” she said, without giving further details.

She did not indicate the location of the assault, or whether she had tried to contact the police in the process. On the other hand, she specified “to have turned an hour to find her attacker” and “we did not see a single police patrol during all this time”. “Tired of this country, what are the police doing?” She wrote in her Instagram story. As specified Le Figaro, she also shared a post from a subscriber who stated that “the police are no longer useful ” because of'”too lax justice ”.

The young woman, columnist in Do not touch My TV, said she would say more on this Monday October 11 show.

Police union calls for “public apology”

His criticism of the police immediately displeased the Alliance du Grand-Est police union, which denounced “a sterile controversy”. In a statement, the union said that an investigation has been opened for theft “without violence in Mulhouse.”

But he also acerbically answered the question ”’What is the police doing?”, Asked by the former Miss Alsace. “Alliance recalls (…) that our colleagues are committed daily and relentlessly for the safety of the French at the risk of their lives!”, Writes Michel Corriaux, the general secretary of the union for the region. Before “remembering that being a celebrity does not allow you to benefit from a particular or additional victim status”.

Saying “deeply regret a message that casts shame on all of our colleagues”, Alliance Grand-Est demanded “a public apology from Delphine Wespiser.”

At the end of September, it was Miss France 20219 Vaimalama Chavez who had recounted his assault by a group of teenagers. She also deplored the lack of responsiveness of the police: “I tried to film to show it to the police, who an hour later is still not there. ‘It’s okay, she only received pebbles’ by phone. No sir, I did not receive ‘only’ pebbles, ”she said indignantly.

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