Delphine Wespiser attacked: the police defend themselves and call her to order

I just got mugged in the street. “Delphine Wespiser lived a stressful incident on the evening of Friday evening. The former Miss France explained to have had her watch stolen in the middle of the street in Mulhouse. A mishap which did not lead to any arrest since the police were quite simply … not found! Which rather annoyed Delphine Wespiser. “What does the police ? We turned an hour to find my attacker and we didn’t see a single police patrol during that time“, she lamented.

Words that made the police jump and that is why an official press release was published on Sunday, October 10, signed by Michel Corriaux, Grand-Est regional secretary of the police union Alliance. The latter denounces “a sterile controversy“following this minor offense that has occurred moreover “without violence. On behalf of all the police, Michel Corriaux continued by explaining “deeply regret this message which casts shame on all of our colleagues“. He underlines in passing that a team is always mobilized for”solve this case“, although it still comes down to”find a needle in a haystack“.

To conclude, Delphine Wespiser is reminded that being “a celebrity does not allow to benefit from a particular status or additional victim“.”Consequently, this matter will therefore be treated with the same professionalism on the part of our Mulhouse colleagues as the others.“, it is added. The columnist is then asked to Do not touch My TV of to supply “a public apology.

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