De Bruyne is a hit with his teammates!

While bitterness dominated the Belgian ranks after the defeat conceded to Italy, Kevin de Bruyne pointed out the weaknesses of the Red Devils.

The speech of the Red Devils was again bitter on Sunday after the defeat conceded against Italy (2-1) in the small final of the League of Nations. Roberto Martinez thus regretted certain arbitration decisions, explaining moreover not to have digested the intervention of the VAR during the semi-final against the Blues, and Thibaut Courtois attacked UEFA and FIFA,,

Kevin De Bruyne had it just as bad as his teammates. But if the Citizens’ playmaker was chafouin, it was because of the lack of tank in Belgian football. Roberto Martinez had indeed decided to field a reshuffled team against Italy and to believe the playmaker of the Red Devils, the difference was felt. ” With all due respect: we are “only” Belgium. We are coming with a new generation, and today we also miss a lot of players. High-level players like Eden Hazard and Romelu Lukaku, he told the microphone of Het Laatste Nieuws. We have to be realistic with the team we have. Italy and France have 22 top players, we don’t.

Kevin de Bruyne is nonetheless convinced that these Nations League meetings will not be useful for young Belgian shoots. ” It’s good for them to be able to play against such teams. Unfortunately, we lost twice. It is also important for many people to play matches at this level. It’s all well and good to play against Estonia, with all due respect, but this is the best of the best. This is necessary to grow as a person and as a team “, he added.

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