criticized by Internet users, Vincent le Provençal (Love is in the pre 2021) is explained

Targeted by a lot of criticism on social media since the launch of Season 16 of Love is in the meadow, the seducer Vincent le Provençal responded to his detractors.

This Monday, October 11, viewers will be able to follow the sixth episode of Love is in the meadow 2021. In this season 16 of the show presented by Karine Le Marchand, eleven new farmers are in turn trying to find their soul mate. And one of them is already causing a lot of ink to flow among fans of M6’s dating program. During the release of his portrait last February, Vincent the Provençal did not hide being a great seducer. A Don Juan side that did not please some Internet users. And since the official start of the season, the 40-year-old horse trainer continues to divide on social media.

“The comments do not matter to me”

Not enough to disturb the farmer. In an interview with our colleagues from Star TV, in the issue of this Monday, October 11, Vincent le Provençal responded to his detractors and swept away internet reviews. “What matters to me is to be in agreement with myself. The comments do not matter to me. I am not a comedian and in life, I am like that, I laugh and I plug ‘… The only thing that could get to me is if my kids told me ‘Daddy, who did you bring us back?’ “ explained the one who welcomed his two very enterprising contenders, Natacha and Hafsa, in the fifth episode of this season 16 of Love is in the meadow. The hair trainer, whose participation was a problem for Karine Le Marchand for a while, also justified his choice of contenders for our colleagues.

A seductive farmer

“At that time, I fell in love with each of them. It was quite difficult to get an idea from the letters that the production had withheld, especially as I had asked. that the photos are removed. In speed dating, ten minutes is very fast “ Vincent remembered. Before adding: “Then I then based myself on my intuition and of course also on the fact that I liked them. I found Natacha very pretty. And the journey of Hafsa, who is also a very beautiful woman, touched me. I told myself that I couldn’t let her pass… ” An important place left to the physical which it assumes moreover fully: “You have to be honest: when you find yourself in a party, you are not going to go to the person you like the least. Afterwards, you still have to find affinities …”

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