Coline Berry’s mother finally speaks and comes out of the silence

Catherine Hiegel is making her comeback to the theater. From October 15, she will be on stage for her new show entitled The rules of good manners in modern society. Our colleagues from the JDD interviewed her for this play which will take place at the Théâtre du Petit Saint Martin, in the 10th arrondissement of Paris. But inevitably, they also asked her questions about Richard Berry, her ex, with whom she had Coline Berry.

An explosive media-legal case

As a reminder, the daughter of actor Richard Berry, Coline Berry Rojtman, filed a complaint against her father on January 25. She accuses him of forcing her to play the “orchestral game” with another little girl when she was 7 years old. Now 45, the complainant indicates that her stepmother, Jeane Manson, and her half-sister, Shirel, also took part in this game.

“I have never had an inappropriate relationship with Coline”

When the case came out, it caused a stir. Actor Richard Berry defended himself on his Instagram account. “I have never had an inappropriate relationship with Coline or with any of my children. These allegations are false ”, he had indeed said. “Coline, herself pregnant, reacted with extreme violence, then, in an email sent to my wife, she for the first time alluded to the fact that she had been ‘abused'”, he then continued.

In a Story on his Instagram account, he again denied his accusations: ““ His story has evolved over time. It has been denied, renewed and enriched by it according to the interlocutors, or the news ”, he was indeed trying to argue. However, the judicial authorities have opened an investigation.

In the columns of the JDD, Catherine Hiegel protests against the new show by Richard Berry. Because he too is making his return to the theater. On his Instagram account, the actor had promoted his piece which bears the title “Plaidoirie”. The actor will perform from October 31 at the Théâtre Libre, also located in the 10th district of Paris.

For Catherine Hiegel, this is too much! ” We can not prevent it but that Richard put on a lawyer dress and say texts by Gisèle Halimi [avocate féministe décédée en juillet 2020, NDLR] makes me throw up! She was a friend, a real one. She didn’t even touch a right“, Loose the actress. The latter had lived with the actor in the 1970s. Since her daughter got involved in the mediatico-legal machine, she had played the card of discretion.

You may have noticed that my daughter’s name is Coline Berry?

Finally, Catherine Hiegel had however revealed that Richard Berry beat her when they formed a couple! Last February, the Paris prosecutor’s office opened a preliminary investigation. Richard Berry himself had ” recognized “ from “Blows” against him with our colleagues from around the world. The same goes for his other former companion, singer Jean Manson. “He remembers having severely hit my mother, Catherine Hiegel, who has since lost an eardrum”, for her part revealed Coline Berry, during a letter she addressed to the Paris Bar Association, subsequently published by France Info.

During her interview with our colleagues from the JDD, Catherine Hiegel thus broke the silence. ” You may have noticed that my daughter’s name is Coline Berry? What her father did to her I couldn’t imagine“, She underlined for the Sunday newspaper. The actress explains that she was far from suspecting what her daughter was undergoing from her father. Today, Coline’s cousin, Marilou Berry, defended the latter with force. Marilou Berry is the actor’s niece. For now, Richard Berry is surrounded by his wife Pascale Louange and his daughter Joséphine.

The main person has repeatedly denied Coline’s accusations. He remains presumed innocent until the final judgment of this case.

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