Claude (Koh-Lanta) responds firmly to the accusations!

While he is the subject of rumors about alleged alliances with other Koh-Lanta adventurers, Claude firmly denies and explains himself.

It impresses as much as it annoys some Internet users. When some denounce his behavior in the camp, others, including viewers, consider him manipulative. One thing is certain: Claude of Koh Lanta do not leave indifferent. He is a figure of the show after being a finalist in his first two participations in 2010 and then in 2012. In 2020, in Koh-Lanta: Island of heroes, he finished third. Record holder of victories, he is even considered one of the best adventurers in the history of the game, and as such participates in its All stars edition, Koh-Lanta: the legend, currently broadcast on TF1. For many, Claude owes his victories not only to his physical strength but also to his strategic side. Recently, these are rumors of financial pact between him and Phil or even Coumba who appeared.

“I am waiting to position myself”

Indeed, a few days ago, Mohamed, ex-participant of the game, revealed that they had been five, in 2005, to share the gain won by ClĂ©mence Castel. A trick that even the production of the show discovered. What to wonder if the technique has not since been adopted by other adventurers. This October 11, in TV 7 days, Claude Dartois gave an interview on his participation and denied outright any rumor of an alliance that might have existed between him and other players. Referring to the victory he never had, he explains: “I’m aiming for the posts. The title too, of course. However, I’m not kidding myself. I’m advancing as I go. I adapt according to the progress of the game, without having a predefined alliance. I’m waiting to position myself. “

“Affinities” but “no alliance”

Claude then gave his vision of his participation in the show, showing how well he masters the arcana: “Even though I would have affinities with former participants, I did not set up any alliance before leaving. Koh Lanta, it’s a game. You have to know how to defuse the traps and accept to get out if you have played badly. In the end, we are all at the same level “. Despite this in-depth knowledge of the game, Claude assures us that this adventure is indeed the last for him: “Victory or not, I don’t care. I am proud of my four adventures. I invested myself, I gave everything and I have nothing more to prove to myself.”

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