“Cars at 99 million”, dealers call out to Tebboune

For more than 5 years, the automotive market in Algeria has experienced unprecedented stagnation. Prices have reached extremely exaggerated levels on the second-hand market. Faced with this situation, the concessionaires returned to the charge and called on the President of the Republic.

In an open letter addressed to the Head of State, Algerian car dealers were keen to explain the market situation. They also ask to speed up the granting of approvals in order to start the import activity.

What we can remember from the open letter of the dealers, reported by the Arabic-speaking daily Echorouk, is their commitment to supply cars from 99 million centimes all taxes included. An approach which will have to relieve the market enormously.

“We want to inform you, Mr. President, of the prices we plan to offer when we start our business,” wrote the dealers. Then they listed the prices for each type of vehicle.

“Prices from 990,000 DA including tax”, agree the dealers

For tourist vehicles, dealers agree to prices ranging from “990,000 Da to 1.8 million dinars, all taxes included, to the President of the Republic, depending on the brand of the car”.

Regarding commercial vehicles and light trucks, they specify that “prices will be from 1.05 million dinars”. “Pick-up type utility vehicles will start at 2.3 million dinars including tax”.

“The prices of heavy goods vehicles will vary between 1.9 and 4.7 million dinars depending on the brand,” added the dealers, adding that “these prices are studied and within the reach of all citizens”.

This should allow, according to them, “the citizen to acquire a new vehicle with a 5-year warranty. This will also lead to a free fall in current prices for used cars, ”added the speakers in their letter.

“We fear bankruptcy”

The operators also want to tell the president that they are “a group of Algerian car dealers. With this open letter, we would like to respectfully draw your attention to the situation on the new car market ”.

“Our group is made up of Algerian economic operators, who have at least 15 years of experience in the field of importing and distributing cars,” they also added.

However, they underline: “we are victims of administrative decisions, due to the suspension of our activity 5 years ago, because it was decided to freeze the activity on January 1, 2017, by the authorities in charge during this time. “.

In addition, the operators in question fear “bankruptcy due to the refusal of the ministerial technical committee of 20 applications for authorization to import cars so far, although some of them meet all the conditions of the specifications. “.

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