Carla Moreau, scandal around her daughter: a “disaster”, “scary” … Internet users are unleashed

Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj have been working on a secret project for several months now. After announcing to leave The people of Marseilles following the witchcraft scandal, the reality TV candidates did not intend to fall back into the shadows. On the contrary, for example, they will soon be the stars of a documentary reality on C8 produced around their upcoming marriage. But that’s not all. Over the weekend, Carla Moreau grabbed her Snapchat account to confide in the creation of their own brand of toys ! A brand for which their daughter Ruby (2 years) is in the spotlight and which is soberly baptized Rubyland.

You will be able to see the world of Ruby from Christmas with RubyLand which is therefore a collection seen by a child of several toys“Said the pretty blonde 24 years old. An official Instagram account has already been created to present this project. Internet users can discover the very first product, namely a ruby ​​inspired doll. “What a pleasure to share with you our first 40 cm Ruby doll ! With her little quilts and her little dress, isn’t she a cutie? Ruby loves her dolls“, is it captioned.

Quickly, the commercialized doll aroused many reactions. And not that good ones. Internet users have in particular confided to be somewhat frightened by this toy and deplored a lack of resemblance. “The doll is scary“,”She doesn’t look like him so much …“,”Looks like she’s going to cry the doll, what a pity …“,”Scary“,”The doll is missed!“, we can read in the comments. Others also regretted that Ruby, at his young age, is the source of new income.”Seriously, stop your stupid plans like this and let it grow away from it all especially if it’s for present a disaster like this and make money off a kid’s back“, annoyed a subscriber.

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