Candice Pascal attracted to a candidate in DALS? Gérémy Crédeville makes crispy revelations

This year, the new edition of Dance with the stars fills viewers with TF1 at all levels. It must be said that the jury has everything. It is also made up of Chris Marques, Denitsa Ikonomova, Jean-Paul Gaultier and François Alu. As for the cast, it is not left out either. Dita Von Teese, Vaimalama Chaves, Tayc, Michou, Wejdene, Billal Hassani or even Gérémy Crédeville to name a few are struggling every week to secure their place in the final. Last Friday, Jean-Baptiste Meunier was unfortunately eliminated. The day after his eviction, he took over his social networks to thank his dance partner Inès Vandamme. “Yesterday evening, my adventure on DALS came to an end. I shared wonderful moments of emotion alongside the other couples, I took great pleasure in discovering dance. @Vandamme_ines THANKS for everything, and more to be a talented dancer, I discovered a true friend, and I am proud of what we have accomplished! “, captioned Jean-Baptiste Meunier under a photo of their duo. “You transmitted to me your passion, your determination and thanks to your benevolence I was able to gain confidence in myself, and especially to have fun on the floor (…)”.

During the after party for Dance with the Stars aired on TF1, the participants also unveiled the backstage of their intense rehearsals. And some sequences will go down in history.
In an excerpt, Gérémy Crédeville let it be known that he greatly envied Tayc. According to him, his dance partner Candice Pascal would be totally won over by him. “She went to say hello to Tayc. ‘Ah he’s nice by the way, eh Tayc’? Blah blah blah”, he let go while miming the young woman. In any case, the comedian could be right. The young woman does not hide in the slightest way her admiration for the interpreter of Palavra. Facing the camera, Gérémy Crédeville also stressed that his great rival had ‘the feet’, that is to say, he knew how to shine brilliantly on the dancefloor. To which Candice Pascal replied: “He has the feet? That’s not what I looked at me …”. Case to follow!

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