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This evening, TF1 broadcasts the unpublished telefilm “At your sides”, carried by Jarry, Didier Bourdon and Marie-Anne Chazel. A drama that alternates between laughter and emotion, and is inspired by the family history of the comedian and his relationship with his father.

What is it about ?

The story of a father and his son who are quite opposed, who live in two worlds that no longer understand each other … this last. Can facing our fears and contradictions help us transcend our differences?

Monday, October 11 at 9:05 p.m. on TF1, and already available on Salto

Who is it with?

In the main role of Beside, we find Jarry, seen in particular on television in the fictions The Red Bracelets and Belle, belle, belle. The actor and comedian was inspired by his own family history to co-write the screenplay for this touching unitary with director Gilles Paquet-Brenner.

Facing Jarry, Didier Bourdon and Marie-Anne Chazel, who no longer need to be introduced, play Marcel and Chantal, Anthony’s parents, while Matthias Van Khache (Grand Hôtel) and Eric Pucheu (Les Engagés), in the skin brothers of the hero, but also Charlotte Gabris (Half-sisters) and Terence Telle (Here everything begins), complete the cast of the TV movie.

Well worth a look ?

Very popular with the public, and in particular that of TF1 who was able to discover him as a juror or host in Mask Singer, Good Singers and Game of Talents, Jarry inherits his first “1st role” in a fiction thanks to By your side , an extremely personal TV movie.

Without pathos, Jarry, whose real name is Anthony Lambert, pays a beautiful tribute to his father who died of a brain tumor by telling the story of Anthony, a city dweller who has always had a complicated relationship with his father and his brothers , who never understood it, and who returns to live in his native countryside to accompany his father during the last months of his life.


If the features are voluntarily enlarged, especially in the representation of small country villages and their inhabitants, At your sides turns out to be an ode to the family and to the rather touching tolerance, which distills beautiful moments of emotion between Jarry, Didier Bourdon and Marie-Anne Chazel, and many scenes of comedies which should easily give a smile to all those who will be tempted by this drama which allows them to discover another Jarry.

Faced with a perfect Didier Bourdon in the role of this grumpy winegrower who, faced with the disease, will gradually split the armor and realize how much he loves his son despite everything that opposes them, Jarry breaks his image and shows the full extent of his palette as an actor.

At Your Side is mainly valid for the emotional strength of this father-son relationship, which touches the heart. And too bad if the whole is somewhat lacking in originality and surprise.

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