Burger King now offers nuggets … without chicken

Let the carnivores take a deep breath before reading this article: after being officially announced last month in a few restaurants, Impossible Foods’ meatless nuggets are about to land at a famous fast-food chain. And that’s only the beginning…

Chicken-free nuggets at Burger King

Thoset from this Monday, October 11, 2021 that the most carnivorous among us risk feeling betrayed by a famous fast-food chain. Many American Burger King restaurants have added vegetable nuggets to their menus … and therefore without chicken. Instead, soy fibers and plants.

Note, however, thatStrictly speaking, these are not vegan products, since these nuggets are cooked in the same oil used for meat and cheese products. The company hopes, however, that these nuggets served in boxes of eight will satisfy gourmets who want to eat something other than meat in a fast food restaurant. On the other hand, not sure that these products fried in boiling oil are really any healthier.

A suitable partnership and an audience to seduce

To set up the sale of these vegetable nuggets made from soybean fiber and plants, Burger King’s American branch has renewed a partnership with Impossible Foods. Specialized in the development of meat and cheese substitutes made entirely from plants, the firm saw in the famous chain of fast food restaurants the means to extend its influence. She had already taken advantage of this two years ago by creating the vegetable burger “Impossible Whopper”.

A mutual interest, moreover, since Burger King intends to capitalize on the expansion of the vegetarian diet to reach a new audience: during the multiple confinements since the start of the Covid-19 crisis, the consumption of vegetable meat has increased by 270% in the United States.

For the moment limited to five states, the sale of these vegetable nuggets should nevertheless quickly develop in the rest of the United States, if the success is at the rendezvous, in particular with a sale planned on the shelves of several supermarkets. Perhaps then we will also see them unloading in our restaurants soon.

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