beware of scams, Amazon’s MMORPG victim of foul behavior

At the end of september came out New World, last big MMORPG to date signed Amazon Games. A game that has made an impression, both with its record launch and its endless queues. Despite everything, like any self-respecting MMORPG, New World is also ruled by its players. Thus, the first problems are felt, starting with scams of all kinds and not very fair behavior.

when chaos invades new world

MMORPGs invite players to play in groups and thus increase interactions. Whether you are in small groups or in dozens, the genre asks you to exchange with your compatriots in order to advance in an optimal way. However, it regularly happens that tragedies interfere with the smooth running of operations. New World is no exception to the rule, especially as the Amazon MMORPG has guilds, factions and raids. In other words, large groups of strangers are forced to interact with each other.

And the years have proven it, the Internet is not a world of care bears. Anonymity reinforces the toxicity and many players pour out all their resentment. An outlet that must have its victims, like the players of the Shadow faction of the Heracleion server (EU Central). As reported by a surfer named Paradoggs on the subreddit of New World, it could well be that the server witnessed the birth of the game’s first drama. And for good reason, we find there the story of the guild of a losing faction led with a sweaty hand by a crooked leader who siphoned off the common chest before returning his jacket.

The leader of our guild lost the first war in a very serious way (very bad organization, honestly) and failed to raise the money to buy Fetid Waters, which was the last colony without a claim.

He started going completely crazy on the faction chat accusing everyone but him asking people to donate more money “for the cause”, before leaving IMMEDIATELY WITH THE 60k TREASURE GOLD COINS either all. donations from more than 200 people.

He and his friend took turns transferring the money, deleting characters and creating new ones to join the Marauders since they are by far the largest faction on our server.

90 people from the guild find themselves alone, broke and betrayed. The faction (the smallest of this server) is in disarray and full of betrayals. No one trusts anyone and no one knows what to do except get invaded and die moaning.

I don’t know if the leader’s actions are banned since the game mechanics allow this behavior, but he ruined everyone’s playing fun in 2 hours.

A heinous act which does not seem to be an isolated case. Thus, in the comments of the post, many Internet users share their similar misadventures. Guild leaders who evaporate in the company of their members’ savings, a story that all too often resonates with the histories of the servers of New World. What is more, the woes of the big players of this new MMORPG do not end there. And for good reason, some especially abuse the system by banning their opponents before a confrontation.

not very fair turf wars

In New World, Aeternum is divided into a multitude of territories, which the three available factions can conquer as they wish. Owners who are not anchored in stone since the cards are put back on the table during turf wars. The factions then invite the members of the guilds which compose it to draw their weapons to defend the fort of the attacked colony. Unfortunately, it has been reported that some players are abusing the penalty system with a view to an easy victory.

In New World, It appears that reporting a player multiple times within a short period of time triggers an automatic 24-hour temporary suspension. You will understand, some abuse this system by dismissing their future opponents for a future turf war. And on New World, large factions tend to have relatively thin elite player ranks. Thus, the heads to be slaughtered are few and easily targeted. On Reddit, a player tries to challenge the developers by explaining that out of his company of 100 players, 50 have been banned.

And on this subject, Amazon Games brings different versions. On the one hand, all the bans would be supervised by a human, suggesting that this practice is not possible. On the other, a moderator who explains that it is possible that bots manage to ban a player via consecutive reports that have occurred in a short period of time. Difficult to know on which foot to dance, although the findings suggest that the banns are possible. It remains to be seen whether Amazon Games will be able to provide a satisfactory solution to this problem.

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